AutoPickup [+ 1.16 Support] 1.0.17-SNAPSHOT

Automatically pickup blocks that you mine! If a block drops XP you get that too!

  1. [FIX] Removed debug messages in console

    This removes the block break debug messages that were not disabled before release!
  2. [UPDATE] 1.16.1 Support!!!!

  3. [BUG FIX] Fixes major bugs introduced in previous updates!

    This update fixes a bug with chest stopping times when your inv is full and the mending issue that would cause players to not receive items if they were not wearing full armor.
  4. [BUG FIX] Mending has been fixed!

    This update fixes mending when /auto is enabled!
  5. [FIX] Fixed some console spam!

    This update fixes some console spam that was reported to me on discord regarding ladders!
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  6. [UPDATE] Optimized 1.13 support & Other Fixes

    This update optimizes 1.13 by adding checks so newer materials are not checked causing spam in server logs/console. In addition, this update should fix any issues regarding sulker boxes dropping items and them other shulker issues in 1.13
  7. [BUG FIX] Container Fix - Items are now placed into your inventory!

    If you had auto-enabled items in a container that would drop to the ground, they now are added to your inventory!
  8. [UPDATE] Bug Fixes & Update me message

    This update fixes a bug with lanterns and adds an update me message for users who have the permission autopickup.admin.notifyupdate you can disable this message for OPs by denying the permission but I don't recommend it as updates for this plugin provide crucial bug fixes.
  9. [UPDATE] Adds a blacklist feature!

    This update adds a blacklist feature as requested by @Ask3r.

    A file called blacklist.yml will be generated where you can enable the blacklist and add items to it. Please use the proper spigot API names when adding items to the blacklist for it to work properly!
    Code (YAML):
    #Set to "true" if you would like to enable the blacklist
    : false

    #By listing blocks below you are adding...
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  10. [UPDATE] Fixed some code

    I improved the code regarding some permission checks so hopefully this fixes a few issues that people have had.