AutoPickup AutoPickup-5.0.3

A useful prison plugin

  1. Philderbeast
    This plugin automatically sends mined blocks to a players inventory. It can also send mob drops and xp straight to players. This should be compatible with most other plugins. If its missing compatibility with a plugin you like, then tell me.

    This can help reduce the amount of items on your server, and it can help reduce lag. Plugins like this one are used on many prison servers.

    This plugin was completely recoded on May 27th, and a lot of this page's information refers to the version completed from that day or later (version 3.0 or above)

    Has an auto sell feature (requires quicksell)
    Has Fortune support
    Warns players when their inventories are full
    AutoBlock will automatically turn 9 ingots into a block (see the pretty picture above that explains this).
    AutoSmelt will automatically turn ores into ingots (see the awesome picture above for a more visual explanation) .
    Commands and Permissions
    /AutoPickup - Opens the autopickup gui
    The gui makes most of the commands pretty useless, but they're here if you want them. The gui permissions are the same as the command permissions.
    /AutoPickup - Opens Gui
    /AutoSell toggle - Toggles auto sell. This only works if the plugin QuickSell is installed - Permission: AutoSell.toggle
    /AutoPickup toggle - Toggles auto pickup - Permission: AutoPickup.toggle
    /AutoBlock toggle - Toggles auto block - Permission: AutoBlock.toggle
    /AutoBlock - Turns anything that can be into a block - Permission: AutoBlock.command
    /AutoSmelt - Smelts anything that can be smelted in your inventory - Permission: AutoSmelt.command
    /AutoSmelt toggle - Toggles auto smelt - Permission: AutoSmelt.toggle
    /AutoSmelt reload - Reloads the plugin - Permission: AutoPickup.reload

    AutoPickup.enabled - Gives a player autopickup when they join the server
    AutoBlock.enabled - Gives a player autoblock when they join the server
    AutoSmelt.enabled - Gives a player autosmelt when they join the server
    AutoSell.enabled - Gives a player autosell when they join the server. Requires Quicksell

    Special Permissions:
    These permissions will not be used on most servers, and would probably confuse people if they were enabled, so these permissions must be enabled in config,yml before they can be used.

    AutoPickup.infinity - Stops players' picks from breaking
    AutoPickup.BlockGui - Disables the autopickup gui

    There are a few config files that will be created when you load the plugin
    There are a few options here
    Full Inventory.Delete Item - If this is true, items that cannot fit into your inventory will disappear when using autopickup. If this is set to false, the items will fall to the ground as if you did not have autopickup enabled.
    Full Inventory.Warn - If this is true, the plugin will warn players when their inventories are full.
    Infinity Pick - If this is set to true, any player with the permission AutoPickup.infinity will never break picks while using them
    Auto Block XP - If this is set to true, XP from blocks will automatically go to the player
    Mob.Auto Pickup - If this is set to true, drops from mobs will go straight to players' inventories
    Mob.Auto XP - If this is set to true, experience from mobs will go straight to players

    Allows you to change the messages for this plugin. This can be useful if your server is not an English speaking server.

    Smelt Blacklist.yml:
    This lets you have a blacklist so you can block items from being autosmelted. There is also an option to disable this in the file. Here's the default config with some explanation:
    Code (Text):
    #Makes the Blacklist enabled
    Enable Blacklist: true
    #Stops cobble from being smelted into stone, (stone's item id is 1) (this can also be replaced with: -stone)
    - '1'
    #Stops wood from being smelted into charcoal, (According to MineCraft, coal and charcoal are the same item, they just have different data values)
    #(this can also be replaced with: -'263:1')
    - Coal:1
    Advanced Fortune.yml:
    There are only a few settings in here, and most people will never need to touch them. One setting allows things such as iron ingots to still be affected by fortune if the player is using autosmelt. This is on by default. The other option allows anything in the file's whitelist to be affected by fortune. Meaning, if you wanted to, you could make fortune affect cobblestone, dirt, ores, etc. This is off by default, because it does require slightly more RAM, and most servers will not need it.
    For Developers:
    Compatible with:
    MythicDrops, MythicMobs, QuickSell, FortuneBlocks, AutoSell, StackableItems, PrisonGems, MyPet, TokenEnchant

    If you want the plugin to be compatible with another plugin, tell me and I'll try to add it
    Bugs and Requests:
    Please read the entire page before requesting anything/asking for bugs, but if you are reading this than you made it to the bottom of the page, good job.

    If you do have a bug, please post your log too, it will may have an error.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mucosoft
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Berbat bir eklenti olduğunu söylemek istemem fakat 1.13.2 sürümünde bazı hatalar mevcut. Bazı şeyleri kırınca eğer ısıtma işlevi açıksa kömür veriyor. Böyle saçma sapan buglar var.
  2. Antonio540
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3

    Update to 1.12 please

  3. Grenfoot5
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    The plugins works but the fortune doesn't. It's also only updated for 1.11 but works on 1.12. The author also hasn't been seen for 21 weeks as of writing this review.
  4. TheDani312
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Error =( but nice plugin
  5. KaanDeniz
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Çalışmıyor kardeşim
    Çalışmıyor kardeşim
    Çalışmıyor kardeşim
    Çalışmıyor kardeşim
    Çalışmıyor kardeşim
  6. Teh_Matt_GRyt
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    this is good plugin only for ops the permissions are wrong the fortune isnt working
  7. IAmMrShark
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Too much problems, doesn't works and a little bit outdated, i'm so sorry because that can be cool!
  8. xTomiK101
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Plugin works yet has issues. Every time the server is reloaded or restarted the config of this plugin returns to its default (maybe it isn't for 1.12?). Despite that the commands, gui and permissions do work but after every restart/reload the player has to open the gui to select enabled the AutoPick settings again. It works but not properly.
  9. TheHippoJon
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Fantastic plugin, but the permission should be to allow for the GUI instead of to block it. This is for people that want certain features enabled for the general public of their server but don't want them to be able to use the GUI, then for them to sell ranks that allow for the GUI
  10. IRdzIjaskiehr
    Version: AutoPickup-5.0.3
    Buen plugin, me ayuda en mi problema gracias por crearlo, espero y sigas creando aun mas plugins geniales como este