AutoPlaceTorch 0.1.2

Automatically place torchs when you're walking in the dark

  1. KickVN
    Hello! This's my first plugin and so it's really simple.

    Exactly like the name, it will automatically take a torch in your inventory and place the torch on the ground when you walking in the dark. And the dark is a place where the light level reach a specific number in config.
    /apt or /autoplacetorch : enable the automatic
    /apt reload or /autoplacetorch reload : reload the plugin's config
    autoplacetorch.reload : for using /apt reload or /autoplacetorch reload
    autoplacetorch.autotorch : for using /apt or /autoplacetorch
    autoplacetorch.infinite : place torch without any cost
    Very simple, look at it and you will know all.

    Leave the comment for me to update this as well as upgrade my knowledge. And sorry for my bad english. Thanks!
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