AutoPlant [World Guard Dependency - v7.0.4] 5.2

Automatically replants crops and trees when harvested in a world guard region.

  1. TheMindDroid
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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Plugin includes a config file to allow owners to change the broadcasted message. This enables them to change the language.
    Auto Plant plugin is a plugin that automatically replants harvested crops and places saplings after trees are chopped down in a World Guard region. Additionally, it prevents you from unintentionally breaking a crop or sapling if it is not at its fully grown stage. This is ideal for server owners who intend to create farms on their servers but want to have them automatically maintained without risk of griefing or players simply not taking the time to replant crops.


    The plugin currently supports the following crops: Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Cocoa Beans, Beetroots, and Nether Wart. When any of these crops are broken, a seed of the same type will be placed in its place and won't be able to be broken until it has grown completely.


    The plugin currently supports the following trees: Oak, Birch, Spruce, Acacia, Dark Oak, Jungle, Warped Stem, and Crimson Stem. Additionally, the plugin supports the stripped version of each log in the event that a player unintentionally strips a tree before chopping it. When a tree is chopped, the bottom log will be replaced with the same type of sapling which cannot be broken until it has fully grown back into a tree.

    The plugin has two permission nodes. First, all OPed players will automatically have the node 'autoplant.bypass', which allows admins to break the crops without it replanting or stating that the crop isn't grown. All players without this permission will be able to use the plugin. Second, the 'autoplant.reload' node allows administrators to reload the config file. OPed players have this by default as well.

    Config File:
    This plugin includes a config file generated upon first use that allows the server administrators to change the message sent to players when an un-grown crop or tree is broken. It is recommended that you leave the message default as the title display is formatted to that message, however, it grants options such as changing the language of the plugin. The config can be reloaded in-game using the command '/autoplant reload'.

    World Guard Dependency:
    This plugin depends on the World Guard region plugin. This plugin will only function if you first have world guard installed, and second have the custom 'auto-plant' region flag enabled. The functionality of AutoPlant will not work anywhere outside of a region with the flag toggled to allow.

    RegionFlag - 1.png

    RegionFlag - 2.png

    Information Regarding Bonemeal Usage:
    Bonemeal usage can be a tricky feat while using World Guard as the plugin treats the application and effects of bonemeal in a specific way. Currently, if a player applies bonemeal to a tree or crop, World Guard interprets this action in two ways. The first is the 'interact' flag, or the application of the bonemeal itself. The second is the 'allow-block-place' flag as the plugin interprets the action of a growing tree as the player placing the blocks.

    For example, if you wanted to allow a player to apply bonemeal to a spruce tree (assuming you are in a region with all build/place/break permissions denied), you would need to give the player build permissions for the spruce log, leaves, sapling, and the air around it. Without these specific permissions, World Guard will warn you that you aren't allowed to place blocks in that area despite the fact the player isn't placing a block.

    Here are the region flags that allow players to apply bonemeal when all other build permissions are otherwise disabled. Make sure you replace the material in this example with the material of the tree that's in your farm:

    /rg flag <region> interact allow
    /rg flag <region> allow-block-place BIRCH_LOG,BIRCH_SAPLING,BIRCH_LEAVES,AIR

    Similarly with all crops, you need to allow the player to place the crop itself. If you had a region with beetroots, you'd want to allow the player to place beetroots:

    /rg flag <region> allow-block-place BEETROOTS

    I hope you can find this plugin useful! If you do, please give it a rating!

Recent Reviews

  1. Osayamen
    Version: 5.2
    Buen plugin, por favor agregue la posibilidad de cambiar el color de los mensajes, y estaría 10/10.
    1. TheMindDroid
      Author's Response
      Hi there, thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely allow users to change the color of the message and I'll be sure to add that to the v5.3 release!
  2. ZX189
    Version: 4.3
    Schönes Plugin, gefällt mir sehr da viele User Farmen griefen und somit nicht mehr.
  3. MarCarrot
    Version: 2.7
    This is a plugin that I use for my server. It is exactly what I was looking for.