AutoPlant [World Guard Dependency - v7.0.4] 5.2

Automatically replants crops and trees when harvested in a world guard region.

  1. Added Ability to Reload Config In-game

    Added the ability to reload the plugin's config file in-game using the command '/autoplant reload'. This circumvents the previous requirement of reloading the entire server when the config file was edited.
  2. Added Config to Edit Messages Sent to Players

    Config File:
    As of version 5.1, this plugin now includes a config file generated upon first use that allows the server administrators to change the message sent to players when an un-grown crop or tree is broken. It is recommended that you leave the message default as the title display is formatted to that message, however, it grants options such as changing the language of the plugin.
  3. Updated World Guard Dependency [7.0.4]

    Updated the AutoPlant plugin's dependencies to work with the 7.0.4 release version of World Guard.
  4. Updated World Guard Dependency [7.0.3]

    Some players using the most recent release version of World Guard were experiencing issues. I updated the plugin's dependency to support World Guard 7.0.3 and below.
  5. Added Plugin Metics

    Added plugin metrics to AutoPlant.
  6. [Bug Fix] Soil issue resolved.

    Fixed a logic error that checked to see if nether trees were growing on top of dirt when they are intended to grow on top of Nylium.
  7. 3.2 - Auto Plant [World Guard Dependency]

    Plugin has been updated to 1.16.1 to support nether trees. The auto plant feature now works with Crimson Stems and Warped Stems, along with their stripped counterparts.