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Automatically reloads/loads plugins for you! (PlugMan v2)

  1. PCPSells
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    @M.Aizen (Designer)

    Never reload or load another plugin ever again!
    Who needs PlugMan when it's automatic?


    • Automatically reload plugins when uploaded.
    • Automatically load plugins when uploaded.
    • Automatically reload a plugins dependencies.
    • Supports small, large & modded servers.
    • Supports small and large plugins.
    • Fully configurable messages.
    • Fully configurable settings.
    • Toggle-able alert messages.
    • Ignore specified plugins.
    • Tab completion support!
    • No dependencies!
    • Alert messages for:
    » Automatically reload plugins.
    » Automatically load plugins.


    This plugin checks all your plugins every x amount of seconds.
    It checks if a plugin has been updated and if so, it will
    unload it, load it and then reload it completely.

    This plugin will also automatically update a plugins code!

    Now that's something even PlugMan can't do!

    All you have to do is slide the plugin into your plugins
    folder and let AutoPluginLoader do the rest! :cool:



    Code (Text):
    • AutoPluginLoader.Alerts » Get alerts when a plugin is automatically reloaded/loaded.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Commands » View & use the commands. (Required to use any other command)
    • AutoPluginLoader.Load » Load a plugin.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Unload » Unload a plugin.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Reload » Reload a plugin.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Usage » View the commands for a plugin.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Info » View the info on a plugin.
    • AutoPluginLoader.List » View the list of plugins.
    • AutoPluginLoader.ReloadConfig » Reload the config.yml.
    • AutoPluginLoader.Version » View APL's currently loaded version.

    Code (YAML):
    # Developed by PCPSells
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &a%plugin% &fhas been automatically updated! &7(Took %time%ms)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &a%plugin% &fhas been automatically loaded! &7(Took %time%ms)'
        # To receive these messages, you will need the permission: "AutoPluginLoader.Alerts"
    : '&8&m+-----------------&8( &bAPL &8)&m-----------------+'
    : '&8&m+---------------------------------------+'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fThe config.yml has &asuccessfully &fbeen reloaded.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but you don''t have permission to do that.'
    : '&8• &e/%command% &8» &f%description%'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but you can''t use &aAutoPluginLoader &fas a plugin argument.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but the plugin &a%plugin% &fisn''t a plugin on this server.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but the plugin &a%plugin% &fhas no plugin description.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but &a%plugin% &fis already loaded.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but &a%plugin% &fis already unloaded.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fFailed to load &a%plugin%&f. &7(Check console for details)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fPlugin &a%plugin% &fis &creloading&f.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fPlugin &a%plugin% &fhas been &areloaded.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fPlugin &a%plugin% &fhas been &aenabled&f.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fPlugin &a%plugin% &fhas been &cdisabled&f.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fPlugin &a%plugin% &fhas been &cdisabled&f. &7(%plugin%''s dependencies have also been reloaded)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fNote&8: &fYou can type ''&e/apu unload (plugin) -d&f'' to also reload &a%plugin%&f''s dependencies.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but the plugin &a%plugin% &fdoesn''t have any commands registered.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fSorry, but &a%argument% &fisn''t a valid sub-command.'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fCurrent version loaded&8: &a%version%'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &a%plugin%&f''s commands: &e%commands%&f.'
    : '&f, &e'
        - '&b» &fPlugin&8
    : &a%plugin%'
        - '&8• &fVersion&8
    : &a%version%'
        - '&8• &fAuthor(s)&8
    : &a%authors%'
        - '&8• &fStatus&8
    : %status%'
    : '&f, &a'
       - '&b• &fPlugins &b»'
        - '&8• &fEnabled&8
    : &a%enabled%&f.'
        - '&8• &fDisabled&8
    : &c%disabled%&f.'
    : '&f, &a'
    : '&f, &c'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman load (plugin)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman unload (plugin)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman unload (plugin) [-d]'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman reload (plugin)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman usage (plugin)'
    : '&8(&bAPL&8) &fUsage&8: &e/plugman info (plugin)'
    : 'plugins'
    : true
    : true
    : 5 # Seconds - The delay before all the plugins are cached to check for updates. (***MUST*** be smaller than the 'Timer-Delay')
    : 10 # Seconds (***MUST*** be larger than the 'Load-Data-Delay')
    : 1 # Seconds
    : 3 # Your plugins will only update if they've been loaded for this amount of seconds. (Won't be accurate if the 'Timer' is above 1)
    : true # If you set this to false, you can reload a plugins dependencies when unloading a plugin via '/apu unload (plugin) -d'
    : true # Send players with the 'AutoPluginLoader.Alerts' permission alerts when plugins are automatically reloaded/enabled.
    : # AutoPluginLoader won't check these plugins for automatic updates.
        - 'WorldEdit'
        - 'WorldGuard'
        - 'AutoPluginLoader' # Don't remove this. It will cause console errors if you attempt to do it on this plugin.
        - 'Skript' # Reloading this will cause Skripts extensions to bug out. No support for Skript will be added.

    Code (Text):
    • PluginAPI.loadPlugin(File plugin);
    » Loads a plugin. (Must be done before enabling a plugin)

    • PluginAPI.enablePlugin(Plugin plugin);
    » Enable a plugin. (Must be loaded)

    • PluginAPI.getPlugin(String s);
    » Make a string return as a Plugin.

    • PluginAPI.getPlugins();
    » Returns all plugins as an ArrayList<Plugin>().

    • PluginAPI.getPluginsInAlphabeticalOrder();
    » Returns all plugins as an ArrayList<Plugin>(), but in alphabetical order.

    • PluginAPI.disablePlugin(Plugin plugin);
    » Disables a plugin. (Recommend to unload it 1st)

    • PluginAPI.reloadPlugin(Plugin plugin);
    » Disables and then enables a plugin. (Doesn't refresh new code in a plugin)

    • PluginAPI.unloadPlugin(Plugin plugin, Boolean ReloadDependents);
    » Unload a plugin and have the option to reload the plugins that plugin depends on.

    • PluginAPI.getDescription(File file);
    » Returns the PluginDescriptionFile of a file.

    • PluginAPI.getFile(JavaPlugin plugin);
    » Grab the file from a plugin.


    The quickest way to get support for any of my resources
    would be to join my Resource Discord.

    Note »
    Please DO NOT leave bad reviews for any issues
    that you have. Please simply PM me or leave it
    in the discussion tab. Thank you. (y)

    That and reviews are highly appreciated! :alien:
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Recent Reviews

  1. amsedal
    Version: 1.2.6
    Thank you for this! I have used this awhile ago and am back to running a server for my kids, this is saving me so much time! It is working on Paper 1.18.1
  2. dflo
    Version: 1.2.6
    Probably the only autoloader plugin that works! Thank you very much, keep up the good work! Thanks a lot!
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated man. Glad you found it useful
  3. HugoTor09
    Version: 1.2.6
    Its excellent, i use it on my network, perfect for disable plugins without restarting the server. Great plugin.
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Thank ya sir, glad ya like it!
  4. FajnyNickJRE
    Version: 1.2.4
    The plugin is the best plugin for reloading and anything else, beacuse the FunnyGuilds hates beaing reloaded, and On the server I have 50+ plugins and its reloads for eternity, thx for the plugin
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      I'm glad it has some use for ya and of course
  5. niceyoutuber1337
    Version: 1.2.4
    Best plugin! Thanks to the author for making this! I needed to use plugman before this plugin...
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      I'm very glad it has use for others as well!
  6. SkyNetMc
    Version: 1.2.3
    Hello there,
    I will tell everyone here that this plugin is the most useful among PlugMan or whatever it is. Choose this Plugin and you will not regret it. Everyone below is just a Karen that did not do anything or just a stupid people will low IQ. People doesn't know how plugins works... They such a low quality Developers. Don't rate if you doesn't know anything... Please tell the problems where it should be. Don't be such a stupid person in this Holy plugin. Thank you to Author who made this plugin, It's really awesome.
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Lmao, much appreciated man.
  7. imAverageNoob
    Version: 1.2.2
    Not abandoned, and better than PlugMan. Nice plugin :)))))))))))))))))))
    Dunno why some people say it is bad tho
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Thank ya sir and ikr? Lol
  8. MartyJons
    Version: 1.2.2
    This plugin works very well! This is the only plugin who can load/unload a plugin without problems. Keep up the good work!
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much. :)
  9. Paazu_
    Version: 1.2.2
    Hello, following a problem with your plugin, I prefer not to use it anymore. Yes if there was a problem, I should have contacted you but you could not have done anything because it caused serious damage, whether in my server itself. The idea of the plugin is good, but also good for messing up and starting all over from the beginning.

    From the owner of my server I quote:
    "The plugin for one reason or another succeeded when reloading a plugin, transferring all the plugins to the database and corrupting all of them even deleting them. I unfortunately cannot know because of which plugin this is. arrived but an auto-plugin-loader is the worst idea we had to put it. "

    I do not recommend anyone to use this type of plugin, unless in a few years, mojang finds a way on the servers that we can easily reload our plugins, but in any case, do not be lazy when you finish a configuration, RESTART your server. It will be much more beneficial to do it this way. Even if you have a large number of players, in the worst case, wait until a time when there are fewer people to restart. It will always be better than having a disaster.

    I really apologize to the developer for being so blunt, but there is serious work to be done. Many plugins don't necessarily like being "force-reloaded" and can cause serious problems.
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      So because you have an issue with a random faulty plugin... that's my fault? Jesus Christ... Karen in guy form? Stupidity really runs this high?

      "I dislike your plugin because it can't do this completely unrealistic, literally impossible thing. Good idea tho."

      Someone add this one on Reddit lmao.
  10. jsjsjd
    Version: 1.2.2
    I've seen your plugin "AutoPluginLoader" on spigotmc, it's fantastic!!!!!
    I'm a Chinese server owner using the plugin. Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to MCBBS? Many Chinese server owners want a translated language file, and I can help them. You know not all of them are good at English, they can't read your post (Even with Google translator) they need a Chinese translator. I'll show them your spigotmc page and let them download the plugin here. I'll NEVER claim it as mine, I just wanna translate it and let more people know it. I'll NEVER leak the jar file.
    Hope for your reply!
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Sure thing, thank you for asking. :)