Autorank v4.4

An automatic ranking plugin that allows you to set automatic rank-ups with special requirements.

  1. Okay, just a very sneaky last update before the end of the year.

    Okay, so this is truly the last update of Autorank in 2019! Get it while it's hot! Improvements and features include:
    • Using a new way to connect to your MySQL database (if you're using it). This means it's more stable and performant. No more connection losses! (For interested developers:
    • Add a feature to only run results of a path when a player has not completed a path on another server of your network, see
    • Fix issues in Autorank storing cache of database incorrectly.
    • Solve a problem where Autorank announces that that time of a day/week/month was reset, but it didn't reset.
    • Fix issue where Autorank started screaming when you did not specify any results for a path (it's a bit odd to do that, but sure, it's your setup).
    • Clear warnings when you performed /ar reload.
    • Settings and Paths file will no longer lose comments if you put them there.
    • Fix issue where Autorank would report the wrong time when using MySQL as the primary storage provider.
    • Remove a few debug messages that were unnecessary (you probably didn't see them anyway).
    • Commands like /ar check, /ar complete, /ar choose, /ar deactivate, /ar track and /ar view will now suggest smarter options for you (when applicable).
    • Optimized internal code that was used to check statistics by a third party plugin.
    • Solve an issue where players that joined your server for the first time received a time of -1.
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