Autorank v4.5.1

An automatic ranking plugin that allows you to set automatic rank-ups with special requirements.

  1. Autorank v4.3.2

    A new update in a new decade. The changes are the following:
    - When a MySQL error occurs during connecting, Autorank will disable the MySQL connection preventing further errors from occurring.
    - PluginLibrary will automatically be downloaded when it is not found on the server.
    - The firework result now works correctly.
    - Removed the 'use of' option from the config files. Instead, you should now use /ar migrate to migrate data from another plugin into Autorank.
    - The /ar help command will show commands in sorted order now.
    - Update to support LuckPerms v5.
    - Allow data to be migrated from Statz or from Minecraft's statistics (see /ar migrate command).
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