Autorank v4.4

An automatic ranking plugin that allows you to set automatic rank-ups with special requirements.

  1. Autorank v4.4

    Even though 2020 is not the greatest year for the history books, I still want to cheer you up with a new release of Autorank!

    Changes from the previous version:
    • Whenever there is no permission plugin found on your server, Autorank will warn you and fail gracefully.
    • Optimize connections to MySQL database (if you were using it) + also allow you to define a table prefix for your database
    • It is no longer required to download PluginLibrary, as Autorank will automatically load it from within its own source code. You can now remove it from your plugins folder!
    • Progress of requirements is now shown in more detail.
    • Check whether your Paths.yml is loaded correctly before loading all paths.
    • Added a lot more debug messages (when debug is enabled).
    • Fixed issue with total time requirement that didn't check the player time correctly.
    • When migrating time data from vanilla Minecraft, all players will now be converted instead of just the subset Autorank already knew about.
    • Fixed issue where Autorank would hang the server during shutdown at random intervals.
    • Fixed issue where the UUID of a player was incorrect and was cached too long.
    New features:
    • Added requirements that allow you to check the daily/weekly/monthly time of a player.
    • Add a new logging system that logs all actions performed by Autorank. This might come in handy when you want to review some actions Autorank did in the past.
    • Added requirements of UHCStats (kills, deaths and wins), see the wiki page
    • All warnings that Autorank generate can now also be found in the logs of Autorank.
    • Added new option to reset progress of all paths (so both active and completed paths) of a player (not just the active paths), see the commands reference
    • Added cooldowns to repeatable paths, see the new wiki
    • Added requirements for Towny (has town, has nation, is mayor, is king, number of town blocks). See the requirements overview
    • Added requirements for McRPG (skill level, power level), see requirements overview
    • Added option to enable/disable an SSL connection for MySQL databases.
    • I'm working on a new wiki with more detail and a better general overview, see Let me know what you think!
    If you are also running Statz, make sure to update it too:
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