Autorank v4.5.1

An automatic ranking plugin that allows you to set automatic rank-ups with special requirements.

  1. Hotfix

  2. Autorank v4.5 - 2021 edition!


    If you're using Statz, make sure to update as well!

    A changelog can be found here.
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  3. Autorank v4.4

    Even though 2020 is not the greatest year for the history books, I still want to cheer you up with a new release of Autorank!

    Changes from the previous version:
    • Whenever there is no permission plugin found on your server, Autorank will warn you and fail gracefully.
    • Optimize connections to MySQL database (if you were using it) + also allow you to define a table prefix for your database
    • It is no longer required to download PluginLibrary, as Autorank...
  4. Autorank hotfix

    A few people have been reporting some issues, so here's a quick hotfix!

    - Fix issue where UUID storage spat out errors when a file was not found.
    - Update API for developers to be able to use the ServicesManager of Bukkit to register custom requirements and results.
    - Fix small issues with /ar check commands.
  5. Autorank v4.3.2

    A new update in a new decade. The changes are the following:
    - When a MySQL error occurs during connecting, Autorank will disable the MySQL connection preventing further errors from occurring.
    - PluginLibrary will automatically be downloaded when it is not found on the server.
    - The firework result now works correctly.
    - Removed the 'use of' option from the config files. Instead, you should now use /ar migrate to migrate data from another plugin into Autorank.
    - The /ar help command will...
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  6. Okay, just a very sneaky last update before the end of the year.

    Okay, so this is truly the last update of Autorank in 2019! Get it while it's hot! Improvements and features include:
    • Using a new way to connect to your MySQL database (if you're using it). This means it's more stable and performant. No more connection losses! (For interested developers:
    • Add a feature to only run results of a path when a player has not completed a path on another server of your network, see...
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  7. Happy holidays update

    I've done quite some work on Autorank the last few weeks and here it is:
    (Note that you'll need the latest version of PluginLibrary (just out now!) for this to run. (Version 1.2.4))

    - Add support for Spigot/Paper 1.15 (will also run on 1.13 and 1.14)!
    - Add warning when no time data was imported using the /ar import command.
    - Autorank now supports CMI for AFK detecting! Autorank will automatically...
  8. Update 2019 - 12 - 01

    • Backups older than 14 days will automatically get removed. Please provide some feedback on whether this is too early or too late!
    • Add new options for importing data from a flat-file. See the /ar import command!
    • The connection to a remote database (MySQL) is now established quicker and properly off-loaded from the main thread. This will quicken the start-up time of Autorank.
    • Autorank will now add...
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  9. Support for MC 1.14

    After a long hiatus, I'm finally back to update my precious plugins. This means I'll be updating PluginLibrary, Statz and Autorank all together. It also means that if you update one of them, you'll need to update all of them!

    This release brings a few things:
    - Support for MC 1.14. It has not been tested on MC 1.13 and so don't try to use it on there.
    - PowerfulPerms looks like it's dead, so I can't support it anymore.
    - If you make any mistakes in the paths file, Autorank will warn...
  10. A summer update

    Hey ho, a new update of Autorank! This updates brings support for Minecraft 1.13! You can only run this version on MC 1.13 server software (so no Spigot 1.12.2).

    Besides support for 1.13, Autorank will also give new suggestions when you are using commands.

    Note that due to 1.13, item ids and data values are removed. You should convert your requirements (namely has item, blocks placed,...