AutoRank Version 2.0

A simple solution for Hypixel Guild Private Servers that can sync guild ranks with server ranks

  1. Yoursole
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    AutoRank is a simple plugin that links your Hypixel guild with a private guild server. When a player joins, if they are a guild member, it will run a command based on their rank. Everything is configurable, so the command can be whatever you want! It is designed to do ranks, but the command could give Trial Members a diamond for example. Set up is simple, and only needs to be done once...after that, the plugin works automatically on its own.

    There is also a Bypass system. If you don't want a specific player to be affected by the plugin, just run /arBypassList <add/remove> <name>. Once a player is added to the bypass list, the plugin will not run any command when they matter their rank.


    Please note that significantly more info in within
    the config.yml file the plugin generates​
    1: Place the plugin in the "plugins" folder of your spigot server
    2: Start the server so that the plugin creates the config files
    3: Join Hypixel and run /api new, and place this API key in the API Key section of the AutoRankConfig.yml file
    4: Restart the server, or reload the plugin with a plugin manager so that the API key loads
    5: Join the server (you will need to be OP for this)
    6: If you are OP when you join, the plugin will prompt you to answer if you want to set up the guild info. If you say "yes", AutoRank will automatically put your guild ID in the AutoRankConfig.yml file. You can change the guild ID later there.
    7: Now go to your guild's and see what your guild's ranks are listed as in Hypixel's API. Hypixel's API is kinda broken so it will not be the same. For example, my guild's lowest rank is Seed, but in the API, it is Trial Member.
    8: Put these guild Ranks in the Config section for guild ranks.
    9: Set up the commands based on ranks. For example, if I wanted to have the guild master given a rank, I might put "rank NAME Guild_Master" (this will be different based on your permission plugin...autorank does NOT have a built in rank system).
    10: Reboot the server and join, everything should work properly.

    I am currently working on getting a support server set up, but for the time being please just message me on discord at Yoursole1#7254

    This plugin is still in major development, so please contact me if you find any issues.

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