AutoRestart 4.2.1

PlaceholderAPI, TitleAPI (fully customizable)

  1. Hotfix

    - Switched to millisecond accurate timings, instead of relying on server TPS.
    - Added French translation to plugin files (Soon to be released after all major translations received)
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  2. Hotfix / Updated to 1.16.1

    • Updated to 1.16.1
    • Fixed UpdateChecker 403 Error
    • Fixed timestamp mode not restarting on the timestamp accurately
    • Timer runs independently from server (Allowing timer to countdown even during lag)
    • Add lang.yml for translation support (inside of jar. Edit then send me lang.yml)
    • Fixed bStats conflict error, resulting in plugin not loading at all
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  3. Player Join Event Hotfix

    - Fixed error when players join the server
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  4. Fixed help, and reload command

    - Changed AutoRestart color scheme
    - Fixed /autore help not working
    - Fixed /autore reload not working
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  5. Permission Fix

    - Fixed permissions not working properly
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  6. PlaceholderAPI update

    • Fixed PlaceholderAPI tags, time_minute, time_second
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  7. Config Update, PlaceholderAPI, Sounds, and other changes

    • Redesigned ConfigAPI to help for update changes
    • Redesigned configs for Broadcasts and Popups for a more compact and easier version
    • Updated config comments, and instructions
    • Merged enabled and messages into one, as well as merged config files for less clutter
    • Minimised TitleAPI timings in config
    • Removed force broadcast if broadcast and popup is disabled (for people who need a cleaner chat)
    • Fixed pause reminder...
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  8. Added Backwards Compatiblity

    • Added Backwards compatiblity
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  9. Complete Rebirth!

    • Redesigned plugin to Kotlin instead of Java
    • Simplified config accessing
    • Changed update checker to look for build number, not version number
    • Corrected shutdown sequence
    • Fixed memory leak from Main Loop Task
    • Simplified Main Loop Task
    • Improved config save/load/update algorithm
    • Improved memory management to prevent duplicate instances (It will survive better during server reloads)
    • Improved timeout check on restart (Prevents the server shutting down before...
  10. Updated to SpigotAPI 1.13.2

    • Using api-version: 1.13
    This will be the LAST UPDATE for AutoRestart v3. You guys are awesome with the support and enjoying the plugin! The reason why this will be the last update for AutoRestart v3, because v4 is coming out! This plugin will be made from scratch fresh code, new architecture and code design. This plugin is almost 5 years old, and a lot can happen in 5 years like code better! I want to update v3 so much but it looks like a child...