AutoRestart 4.0.1

PlaceholderAPI, TitleAPI (fully customizable)

  1. Added Backwards Compatiblity

    • Added Backwards compatiblity
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  2. Complete Rebirth!

    • Redesigned plugin to Kotlin instead of Java
    • Simplified config accessing
    • Changed update checker to look for build number, not version number
    • Corrected shutdown sequence
    • Fixed memory leak from Main Loop Task
    • Simplified Main Loop Task
    • Improved config save/load/update algorithm
    • Improved memory management to prevent duplicate instances (It will survive better during server reloads)
    • Improved timeout check on restart (Prevents the server shutting down before...
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  3. Updated to SpigotAPI 1.13.2

    • Using api-version: 1.13
    This will be the LAST UPDATE for AutoRestart v3. You guys are awesome with the support and enjoying the plugin! The reason why this will be the last update for AutoRestart v3, because v4 is coming out! This plugin will be made from scratch fresh code, new architecture and code design. This plugin is almost 5 years old, and a lot can happen in 5 years like code better! I want to update v3 so much but it looks like a child...
  4. Finally...

    - Removed AutoRestart-BootLoader.jar method
    - Using Spigots default restart method (Broader support)
    - Changed restart message function (fixes where everyone gets the restart message)
    - Fixed asynchronous kick errors
    - Disabled max_players feature (couldn't recreate problem)
  5. Added MultiCraft Support (Real Update)

    • Added MultiCraft Support
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  6. Added MultiCraft Support

    • Added MultiCraft support
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  7. Fixed BootLoader

    - Fixed BootLoader (Memory Leak)
    - Updated to latest Spigot version
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  8. Separated config files (no more one long config), and minor changes

    • Show latest update version when update is found
    • Added update messenger in chat
    • Added plugin metrics
    • Separated configuration files
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  9. Added TimeStamps, and fixed minor bugs

    • Added TimeStamps feature, you can now restart on specific time(s). Yes plural, you can set more than one time.
    • Fixed popup not showing more than 59 seconds remaining in seconds reminder.
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  10. Added Stand-Alone BootLoader! (No TimeStamps are not in yet :( )

    • Added bootloader to control the flow of your server restarts, and stops.
    • This bootloader will allow you to stop the server at will, and it will actually stop!
    • When AutoRestart restarts the server, it'll communicate with the bootloader to start the server once stopped.
    • With this new bootloader, I can actually implement a restart on crash feature (I need a server crash to test on sooo if your server crashes PM ASAP)
    • This will also allow this plugin to work on MultiCraft...