Autorun 1.4

Autorun allows server admins to automatically run commands when a player joins a server

  1. AustinPilz

    Autorun allows server admins to automatically run commands when a player joins a server, either just once or a specified number of times. The commands can be configured to run for a specific player, or have it run on all player joins. The commands can be configured to run from the user, or from the console. It is an extremely lightweight, easy, yet powerful plugin used to run commands on player join.

    Player vs All
    • Player commands will run for a specific user only when they log into the server
    • All commands will run for all users that log into the server
    Execution Levels
    • Player - Execute autorun command as if player executed it themselves
    • OP - Execute autorun command as if player with OP permissions executed the command
    • Console - Execute autorun command as if it were typed directly into the console. The epitome of permissions, only to be used wisely
    Autorun is 100% UUID compliant, using player's UUID's for identification, rather than their usernames. When Mojang allows players to begin changing their usernames, Autorun commands will still execute for the same player, regardless of username changes, as all data is stored with their UUID's.

    Setup, Config & Commands
    Stats & Updates
    • Autorun implements a update checker to automatically check Bukkit for updates. More Information
    • Autorun implements metric reporting to report information about plugin usage to More Information
    • Autorun notifies you if the developer joins your server. You can easily disable this in global.yml
    More Information
    Developer Server
    You can visit my server with all of my plugins at

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  1. 1.4 - Security Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.Midnight
    Version: 1.3
    Great idea! Can't wait to use it for EVERYTHING <3. Thank you for going through the time and effort to make this plugin :). I don't fully understand how this type of plugin can be UUID compliant tho, would commands be like /tp (UUID instead of username) or what? Truly curious :3 Anyways for my constructive opinion (Spigot requires) Maybe add timed commands aswell :) thanks!
    1. AustinPilz
      Author's Response
      It's UUID compliant as when you specify commands for a username to be run, it is saved in the database as UUID so if a user changes their username after the command has been stored in autorun, there will be no interruptions :)