AutoSmelt 2.3

No more ore smelting, ore now smelts automatically!

  1. bigweb
    bigweb - idea, bigweb - code, Zedgar - helping

    You still wanted a plugin to autosmelt ores like gold ore and iron ore? No more searching, you just find it!



    • New enchant - AutoSmelt.
    • Enchants can be got in enchanting table.
    • If your tool contain enchant AutoSmelt, mining Gold Ore, Iron Ore and Cobblestone will drop you ingot of the item, or stone.
    • AutoSmelt cannot be on tool, if there is a Silk Touch enchant.
    • Plugin is configurable.

    • autosmelt.getenchant allows you to get enchant from enchanting table. ( Added in 2.0 )
    • autosmelt.gold_ore allows you to mine Gold Ore with AutoSmelt.
    • autosmelt.iron_ore allows you to mine Iron Ore with AutoSmelt.
    • autosmelt.cobblestone allows you to mine Cobblestone with AutoSmelt. ( Added in 2.0 )
    • autosmelt.reload allows you to reload plugin. ( Added in 2.0 )
    • autosmelt.enchantcommand allows you to command /autosmelt enchant
    • autosmelt.getautosmelt allows you to enchant your tool with AutoSmelt by command. ( Added in 2.2 )


    • /autosmelt help - this will tell you all things that you need to know.
    • /autosmelt reload - this will reload plugin and load config file. ( Required permission: autosmelt.reload )
    • /autosmelt enchant <enchant> - this will enchant your tool in hand with AutoSmelt enchant. ( Required permission: autosmelt.enchantcommand )


    • Tell me your idea in discussion!
    • Create get enchant command.
    • Configuration file.

Recent Updates

  2. MobSmelt update!
  3. Enchant Command.

Recent Reviews

  1. Junac
    Version: 2.3
    Good plugin! Does this have fortune support?

    1. bigweb
      Author's Response
      sorry for late response, yes, this plugin does (or did?) have Fortune support.
  2. AlexNova1555
    Version: 2.3
    awesome plugin! i love it !!
    can u please add a command that u can turn Ingots to blocks diamond and emerald and coal to blocks and cobblestone to stone
    with the command /block ?
    I hope u can add it to you'r plugin :D
    its a really good plugin its have almost everything that i need !
    1. bigweb
      Author's Response
      Did u mean, turn to ORE or BLOCK? If to ORE, it wont be problem. If to BLOCK, it wont be problem too =)