AutoSmeltingOre 1.0

Don't spend rock in a furnace

  1. danielcode7
    This is my first useful plugin. It will help players on games like SkyWars, where there's no time for smelting iron and gold ores if they don't have any armor or weapon.

    Less than 4 kb! :eek:

    Java 8
    SpigotMC 1.8.x

    As you might be expecting... If you break the block with the wrong pickaxe, it will leave you nothing.

    P.S.: I know there's others plugins that do the same thing. But I wanted to start with something to learn developing better plugins some day :)
    If you test this on lower Java or SpigotMC versions and works fine, please let me know :)

    Leave your comments if you liked it or if there's something wrong with the plugin. I tested it on my computer in a server I've mounted.