AutoTorch 1.0

It places torches for players till mining

  1. HunteR
    This is simple plugin which auto places torches for players till mining.

    /autotorch on - Enables the autotorch plugin for a player
    /autotorch off - Disable the autotorch plugin for a player

    AutoTorch.Place - Allows to player to use the /autotorch command
    AutoTorch.Infinity - It will place free torches for players with this node


    enabledWorlds: world1,world2
    belowY: 50
    minimumLightLevel: 8
    placeRealTorches: true // If this is set to false it would place fake torches. Only player would see them and they will disappear after chunk reload because the torches doesn't exsist actually
    noPermission: You have no permission to use this command!
    messageEnable: You have enabled the auto torch!
    messageDisable: You have disabled the auto torch!

    Please tell me if you find any bugs.

Recent Reviews

  1. Maxi-Games
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent plugin ! It's very practise when you mine !
    thank you for this plugin ! It help a lot players ! :)