AutoTorch v1.4.3

You will never need to place a torch again!

  1. antiPerson
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Have you or your players had enough of placing torches when you are mining, exploring a cave or just wondering at night? Then this plugin is for you!
    Main features:
    • WorldGuard region support
    • Tested on Spigot 1.13
    • Torches can be taken from inventory
    • Torches can be placed at certain light levels with a radius
    • Blacklist of blocks that torches can be placed on
    • Boundaries for the x, y and z axis
    • Auto update checker at plugin load, at operator join & command for update checking
    • Can be enabled/disabled for other players
    • - Permits the player to turn on auto torch placing on and off
    • autotorch.listcommands - Permits the player to list all the commands in the plugin
    • autotorch.autoothers - Permits the player to enable auto torch placing for another player
    • autotorch.admin - Allows the player to view plugin information, reset the config, reset the list of players who have autotorch enabled and check for updates
    • autotorch.* - All permissions listed above
    • /at - Lists all commands
    • /at t - Enables/disables auto torch placing
    • /at t <player> - Enables/disables auto torch placing for another player
    • /at reset - Resets the configuration file
    • /at clear - Disables auto torch placing for everyone
    • /at update - Checks for updates on SpigotMC
    • /at about - Shows information about the plugin
    All you need to do is to download and copy the file into your plugins folder. If you need to configure anything you will first need to start up the server, then you can go into the AutoTorch folder where you can find config.yml


    Example Configuration:

    Code (Text):
    # Generated using AutoTorch v1.2.0 at Fri Sep 23 21:47:51 BST 2016
    # Thanks for using AutoTorch! If you and your players like this plugin, please do leave a review - it helps a lot!
    # As of v1.2.0, if you upgraded from an older version use 'player.frominventory' instead of 'frominventory'
      frominventory: false
      loginupdatechecker: true
      radius: 10
      lightnesslevel: 4
      enabled: false
      - GRASS
      - DIRT
      enabled: false
      min: 0
      max: 1000
      enabled: false
      min: 4
      max: 30
      enabled: false
      min: 0
      max: 1000
      enabled: true
      - __global__
    If you are unsure what block names to use, find them at:

    Do you enjoy using this plugin on your server? Leave a review below. If you have any issues, reply to the thread and I will try to help.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes startup error.
  2. Fix last version.
  3. WorldGuard 7 support.

Recent Reviews

  1. Xzavier0722
    Version: v1.4.3
    It's good, but why does it always put a long row of torches together ? lol. Could you solve this issuse?
  2. YuBao
    Version: v1.4.3
    Very nice
    hello author
    can I carry your plug-in to MCBBS?
    its minecraft chinese forum
  3. Maxi-Games
    Version: v1.4.1
    but why don't you add a language.yml to let us translate your plugin ??
    I hope you will add that (after I change to 5 stars)

    thanks ;)
  4. spiralvacum
    Version: v1.4.0
    Torches should be from inventory by default in because they could collect free torches and place unlimited i think good addons have good starting balance.
  5. Maxi-Games
    Version: v1.4.0
    very nice plugin thanks !!

    I hope translation in the next version =)

    for my french server

    thanks for this nice plugin !
  6. MrSweeter
    Version: v1.4.0
    Nice idea, maybe you can add specific row in config to set the update rate, to check light more often per example
  7. ShirtlessSenpai
    Version: v1.3.2
    I love the plugin however it would be amazing if there was an option in the config so that this would only work while holding a torch. While holding other items, Torches are not placed.
    1. antiPerson
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and there is an option in the config to do that.
  8. ssamjh
    Version: v1.3.1
    This is an excellent plugin! Great idea!
    There are a few bugs, for example when a player is walking on snow it will try to place all of their torches but apart from that it's great!
    1. antiPerson
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!

      That bug will be patched in v1.3.2. If there are any other issues post them in the discussion thread.
  9. Biosphere
    Version: v1.2.0
    Very good plugin for RPG servers. Maybe you coud add the option that auto torch is just enabled when the player has an torch in his hand
    1. antiPerson
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!