AutoVillageProtect 1.1

Protect every village in your world with just one command!

  1. VitaMC
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    AVP requires WorldGuard and WorldEdit to make protected regions on your villages.

    Using AVP you can protect every village in your world, regardless of whether it has been generated yet or not.

    I have only tested on 1.16 so far, but it probably works on older versions as long as you are using WG 7+ and WE 7+.

    /avp protect [worldName]
    Protects all villages in specified world based on the settings in your config
    /avp removeall [worldName]
    Removes all AVP created regions for the specified world. Does not affect your own regions.
    /avp reload
    Reloads the config file


    To protect villages, you need to set your SearchBoundaries in the config. AVP will not protect villages outside your worldborder, so keep that in mind when setting your boundaries. Also, the wider your boundaries, the longer it will take to finish the protection routine.

    Config Options
    #How far out you want to search for villages.
    MinX: -5000
    MaxX: 5000
    MinZ: -5000
    MaxZ: 5000
    #The radius of the region that is created on each village.
    #A radius of 80 is only needed for the largest villages, so
    #you may want to reduce it a bit
    ProtectionRadius: 80
    #You can add additional flags under these, or remove ones you don't want.
    #Flag names can be found at
    #Only state and string type flags work at the moment.
    greeting: Villages are protected!
    damage-animals: deny
    interact: allow
    chest-access: allow

Recent Updates

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