AutoWelcome 1.1.0

Make new players feel more welcome!

  1. Dotdash
    AutoWelcome - Make new players special!

    Have you ever seen those servers that you join, and no one welcomes you? AutoWelcome will put a stop to these servers!
    Note: Requires atleast 1 other person on the server with the permission autowelcome.welcome

    Steps to take to install AutoWelcome:
    1. Make sure you have Java 8 installed.
    2. Download AutoWelcome using the "Download Resource" button.
    3. Put AutoWelcome into your plugins folder.
    4. Start/Reload your server.
    5. Customize the welcome message.
    6. Give players the autowelcome.welcome permission.
    7. Now sit back, and watch new players become appreciated by all of the Welcomes!

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to use latest Spigot version.

Recent Reviews

  1. Icee29604
    Version: 1.1.0
    It does exactly what it says and I am currently using it on my server! It's a very lightweight plugin and easy to use, just enter message to display, give players one permissions and there you have it... a warm welcome message!