AwesomeEnchantCommands 1.2

Enchants as commands!

  1. xEmirr
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    AwesomeEnchantCommands is a plugin which you can use commands for some enchants instead of enchanting an item.


    Available enchants:
    - Fortune (Max Level: 100)
    - Protection (Max Level: 25)
    - Thorns (Max Level: 10)
    - Feather Falling (Max Level: 10)
    - Knockback (Max Level: 100)
    - Looting (Max Level: 10)
    - Infinity (Max Level: 1)
    - Sharpness (Max Level: 50)


    Commands and Permissions:
    - /aec , /awesomeenchantcommands [No permission]
    - /aec enable [AwesomeEnchantCommands.enable]
    - /aec enable [AwesomeEnchantCommands.disable]
    - /aec list [AwesomeEnchantCommands.list]
    - /aec reload [AwesomeEnchantCommands.reload]

    - /fortune [AwesomeEnchantCommands.fortune]
    - /fortune (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.fortune.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.fortune.*]

    - /fortune (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.fortune.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.fortune.other.*]

    - /protection []
    - /protection (level) [ or*]

    - /protection (player) (level) [ or*]

    - /thorns [AwesomeEnchantCommands.thorns]
    - /thorns (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.thorns.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.thorns.*]

    - /thorns (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.thorns.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.thorns.other.*]

    - /featherfalling [AwesomeEnchantCommands.featherfalling]
    - /featherfalling (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.featherfalling.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.featherfalling.*]

    - /featherfalling (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.featherfalling.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.featherfalling.other.*]

    - /knockback [AwesomeEnchantCommands.knockback]
    - /knockback (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.knockback.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.knockback.*]

    - /knockback (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.knockback.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.knockback.other.*]

    - /looting [AwesomeEnchantCommands.looting]
    - /looting (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.looting.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.looting.*]

    - /looting (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.looting.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.looting.other.*]

    - /infinity [AwesomeEnchantCommands.infinity]
    - /infinity (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.infinity.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.infinity.*]

    - /infinity (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.infinity.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.infinity.other.*]

    - /sharpness [AwesomeEnchantCommands.sharpness]
    - /sharpness (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.sharpness.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.sharpness.*]

    - /sharpness (player) (level) [AwesomeEnchantCommands.sharpness.other.(level) or AwesomeEnchantCommands.sharpness.other.*]

    ServerPrefix: '&7[&3&lAEC&7]&r'

    NoPermission: '&cNo permission.'
    ValueChanged: '&c%enchant% &elevel of &6%player% &ehas been set to &d%amount%'
    MaxValue: '&cMax level for &6%enchant% &cis &d%level%'
    NoPlayer: '&6%player% &cis not online.'
    NotEnabled: '&6%enchant% &cis disabled.'

    #You can enable or disable enchants from here or in-game
    fortune: 'true'
    protection: 'true'
    thorns: 'true'
    featherfalling: 'true'
    knockback: 'true'
    looting: 'true'
    infinity: 'true'
    sharpness: 'true'

    If you find any bugs, mistakes i would really appreciate it if you let me know.

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