AzureSaver 1.0

save precious azure credits wen nobody on ur lonely serbur

  1. RoboMWM
    This is a simple Waterfall/Bungeecord plugin that automatically turns on an Azure VM when players connect to the Waterfall/Bungeecord proxy, and turns it off 10 minutes after the last person has disconnected.

    Since the VM doesn't consume credits when it's stopped and deallocated, this provides a way to save credits when your server isn't serving anybody, hence the "saver" name part of the plugin. I'm not very good with names.

    Since I'm not using it anymore, support is very limited (unless you're a patron) and it's not very configurable, but if there's a demand I'll see what I can do.


    Code (YAML):
    resourceGroup: # Resource name your VM exists in
    : # Name of the VM
    To fill out, basically follow this documentation:

    It's been a while since I followed these steps, but to summarize:

    1. Create a service principle application
    2. Then you somehow find those credentials and put it in the file. I think I did some expermentation here, and not sure if I have it documented anywhere but the docs should get you in the right direction.
    Code (Text):

    subscription=<subscription-id> your subscription identifier
    client=<application-id> Active Directory application identifier
    key=<authentication-key> application key
    tenant=<tenant-id> tenant identifier
    It'll attempt to teleport the player to the server named "lobby" in your bungeecord config when the player connects.