BackPack 1.5

Just a small backpack plugin for those who always have a full inventory!

  1. 1.10.2 update

    Update for the latest 1.10.2 version
  2. 1.9 + finally working: backpacks save good now

    Today's update:

    • Fixed bugs for 1.9 sounds.
    • Finally fixed a bug where backpacks didn't save very good. Once you put your stuff in and close it, the stuff would disappear when you opend it the next time. FIXED :D
  3. 1.9 support

    Just a quick update to fully support 1.9!
  4. Config added + reload command

    New to this update:
    • Added a config file
    • You can set own backpack name
    • Added reload command (/bpreload)
    • Added permission for the reload command (bp.admin.reload)
    • You can change permission messages for the reload command
  5. Bugfixes

    Fixed a bug when you have multiple plugins created by me in your server and start it up, you get a lot of errors and only 1 plugins loads.