Backpack 1.1.0


  1. ohnx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Have you ever wanted to have your own backpack?
    Well, now you can! :D

    This plugin adds a 54-slot backpack (no smaller, no less)

    The backpack can be accessed via the command /bp, by right-clicking a sign with the line [Backpack] (configurable), or by right-clicking a chest named "Backpack" (configurable).

    It can also be configured to require a player to have a chest named (in an anvil) "Backpack" in their inventory before they can access the command `/bp`.

    Commands added:
    /bp - open a backpack
    /bp {person} - open {person}'s backpack. Only works with paid (online) accounts.
    /bpa - administrate backpacks

    /bpa clear <player> - clear <player>'s backpack
    /bpa reloadconfig - reload the config.yml file for Backpack

    Permissions added:
    backpack.use - open your own backpack
    backpack.admin - open other people's backpacks, reload the configuration file

    backpack.admin.clear - clear another player's backpack
    backpack.admin.sign - make a sign to open backpacks

    Sign information:
    To use signs, you need to have the permission backpack.sign.
    Line 1 should be [Backpack]
    To override permissions (ie, if the player doesn't have but you still want them to be able to open their backpack), set line 2 to Everyone.
    Other lines can be anything you want.
    When a sign is placed correctly, you should get a message, and [Backpack] should turn blue, and Everyone should turn green.

    The signs will only be enabled if you enable it in the config by turning "enable-sign-backpack" to true. By default, signs are disabled.

    Extra random things worth mentioning:
    • Sounds are played when you open/close an inventory.

    Things I'm working on:

    • Select worlds to ban backpacks
    • Pick up items that go into your backpack
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  1. KurtMacRO
    Version: 1.0.0
    Its simple, its good, I like it! :) try to add more things to it :D. Thx, Merci, Danke. Have a nice day! :D