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Never run out of inventory space again

  1. nefilto
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Never run out of inventory space again

    What is BackPacks+?
    Backpacks+ add 4 craftable backpack sizes changeable in the config. BackPacks+ don't use any kind of files or database to store the items it's all stored inside one item like a shulker box for example, also support fast loading and lunoading from chests.


    - A Backpack can be crafted.
    - A Backpack can be stored inside a chest.
    - You can rename a Backpack
    - A renamed backpack will show his name in his inventory
    - You can't put a Backpack inside another Backpack.
    - Players can open other players backpacks if they right click with the backpack in hand.
    - The use of Backpacks can be restricted using the permissions :
    • [backpacksplus.use.small]
    • [backpacksplus.use.medium]
    • [backpacksplus.use.large]
    • [backpacksplus.use.extralarge]
    - The crafting can be disabled in the config.
    - The crafting can be allowed for a player using the permission :
    • [backpacksplus.craft]
    - Destroying a Backpack will destroy all the items stored inside.
    - If keep_backpack_on_death is set to false the player will loose the backpack and all the items inside will be dropped on the ground.
    - While holding a backpack and enable_fast_load_unload is set to true:
    ( Shift + Right Click ) to unload the backpack content into a chest
    ( Shift + Left Click ) to load items from a chest into you backpack


    [backpacksplus.use.small] Let you use the small Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.medium] Let you use the medium Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.large] Let you use the large Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.extralarge] Let you use the extra large Backpack
    [backpacksplus.craft] Let you craft the Backpacks
    [backpacksplus.create] Use /bpp create <backPack>
    [backpacksplus.reload] Use /bpp reload
    [] Use /bpp help
    [backpacksplus.permission] Use /bpp permission

    /bpp help: show all Backpacks+ commands
    /bpp reload: reload the config
    /bpp create <backPack>: create a backpack
    <backPack> : small - medium - large - extra_large
    /bpp permission : show all Backpacks+ permission



    Code (Text):

    chat_prefix: '&3bpp >> '   # Chat prefix                                  
    chat_line_color: '&2' # The Line color in the chat
    loading_from_chest_message: '&2%count% &ritems added to the &2Backpack' #the message shown when a player load item from a chest.
    unloading_to_chest_message: '&2%count% &ritems added to the &6chest' #the message shown when a player unload items to a chest.
    enable_crafting: true # Make the backpacks craftable
    keep_backpack_on_death: true #if set to true the backpack will drop as an item, if set to false the backpack get deleted and the items inside drop on the ground
    enable_fast_load_unload: true # Enable Fast loading and unloading items from backpacks to chests
    custom_item: EMERALD #The items used to represent the BackPack
    small_packpack_description: A Small BackPack # The Lore of the Small Backpack
    medium_packpack_description: A Medium BackPack # The Lore of the Medium Backpack
    large_packpack_description: A Lore BackPack # The Lore of the Large Backpack
    extra_large_packpack_description: An Extra Large BackPack # The Lore of the Extra-Large Backpack
    small_size: 18 # Small Backpack size 2*9
    medium_size: 27 # Medium backpack size 3*9
    large_size: 36 # Large Backpack size 4*9
    extra_large_size: 54 # Extra-large Backpack size 6*9 (the max is 6*9)
    Upcoming Features
    Backpacks Bank (store the backpacks with unlockable slots)
    Fast loading and unloading items from backpacks to a chest - Added in 1.0.3
    Custom Crafting Recipes
    Custom Backpack Item - Added in 1.1.0
    - leave any suggestion you have in the discussion section and I'll must likely add it.

    Terms of service

    You are not allowed to decompile the source code!
    You are not allowed to re-upload the plugin!
    You are not allowed to include the source code in your plugin!
    You are not allowed to claim this plugin as yours!

    This plugin is still in development and might contain bugs, if you find a bug please report it in the discussion section.

    when reporting a bug please provide these information:

    • Server Software (Spigot, Bukkit...)
    • Server Version (1.11, 1.12...)
    • Backpacks+ Version
    • Output in the console
    • Description of the Bug

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  1. arturek1666
    Version: 1.1.0
    Giving 4 stars as this is the plugin I was really looking for a while. It has really good features and this update really make it even better. The only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5 it's because player cant't change the crafting recipe. When this feature will be added :). I will 100% give 5 starts :). Good job and keep it up like this.
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      Custom crafting recipe is on the list :), Thank you for the Review
  2. jokersbr
    Version: 1.0.6
    Plugin perfeito, falto o resto das traduções. por favor atualize ele com o resto das traduções
  3. Arceeuuss
    Version: 1.0.4
    Before discovering this plugin i had AIDS, Cancer, Insomnia, and many other diseases, but then i downloaded this plugin, and thank god, i am now 100% healthy, Thanks Nefilto for this wonderful plugin <3 !
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