Backpacks+ |1.9-1.12 1.0.6

Never run out of inventory space again

  1. Backpacks+ 1.0.6

    - Added Backpacks Renaming in Anvil
    2017-08-21_14.56.26.png 2017-08-21_14.56.31.png
    + you can use "&" to add a color to the name:
    - Fixed Load, unload to Chest BUGS
  2. Backpacks+ 1.0.5

    - Fixed a duplication bug in 1.12.1
  3. Backpacks+ 1.0.4

    - Fixed Compatibility issues
    - Code optimization
  4. Backpacks+ 1.0.3

    - Added Minecraft 1.8 Support.
    - Added Fast loading and unloading items from backpacks to chests.
    - Added enable_fast_load_unload to the config.
    - Added loading_from_chest_message: the message shown when a player load item from a chest.
    - Added unloading_to_chest_message: the message shown when a player unload items to a chest.
    - Added the placeholder %count% to be...
  5. Backpacks+ 1.0.2

    - Added keep_backpack_on_death to the config
    - If keep_backpack_on_death is set to false the player will loose the backpack and all the items inside will be dropped on the ground.
    - Bug Fixes
  6. Backpacks+ 1.0.1

    - Added Update Checker