Backpacks 1.3.4

Never run out of inventory space again

  1. nefilto
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Backpacks+ add 4 craftable backpacks with Custom sizes in the config. BackPacks+ don't use any kind of files or database to store the items it's all stored inside one item like a shulker box for example, also support fast loading and unloading from chests.

    Version 1.3.4 Only works on 1.13+, For an older Minecraft version download 1.2.2.

    - A Backpack can be crafted.
    - A Backpack can be stored inside a chest.
    - You can rename a Backpack
    - You can use custom Items as a Backpack
    - You can use player heads as a Backpack
    - A renamed backpack will show his name in his inventory
    - You can't put a Backpack inside another Backpack.
    - Players can open other players backpacks if they right click with the backpack in hand.
    - The use of Backpacks can be restricted using the permissions :
    • [backpacksplus.use.small]
    • [backpacksplus.use.medium]
    • [backpacksplus.use.large]
    • [backpacksplus.use.extralarge]
    - The crafting can be disabled in the config.
    - The crafting can be allowed for a player using the permission :
    • [backpacksplus.craft.small]
    • [backpacksplus.craft.medium]
    • [backpacksplus.craft.large]
    • [backpacksplus.craft.extralarge]
    - Destroying a Backpack will destroy all the items stored inside.
    - If keep_backpack_on_death is set to false the player will loose the backpack and all the items inside will be dropped on the ground.
    - While holding a backpack and enable_fast_load_unload is set to true:
    ( Shift + Right Click ) to unload the backpack content into a chest
    ( Shift + Left Click ) to load items from a chest into you backpack

    [backpacksplus.use.small] Let you use the small Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.medium] Let you use the medium Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.large] Let you use the large Backpack
    [backpacksplus.use.extralarge] Let you use the extra large Backpack
    [backpacksplus.craft] Let you craft the Backpacks
    [backpacksplus.create] Use /bpp create <backPack>
    [backpacksplus.reload] Use /bpp reload
    [] Use /bpp help
    [backpacksplus.permission] Use /bpp permission

    /bpp help: show all Backpacks+ commands
    /bpp reload: reload the config
    /bpp create <backPack>: create a backpack
    /bpp create <backPack> <player>: create a backpack for a player
    <backPack> : small - medium - large - extra_large
    /bpp permission : show all Backpacks+ permission

    The crafting changed I'll update this section wen I have the time :)

    Code (Text):
    chat_line_color: '&2' # The Line color in the chat
    loading_from_chest_message: '&2%count% &ritems added to the &2Backpack' #the message shown when a player load item from a chest.
    unloading_to_chest_message: '&2%count% &ritems added to the &6chest' #the message shown when a player unload items to a chest.
    enable_crafting: true # Make the backpacks craftable
    keep_backpack_on_death: true #if set to true the backpack will drop as an item, if set to false the backpack get deleted and the items inside drop on the ground
    enable_fast_load_unload: true # Enable Fast loading and unloading items from backpacks to chests
    custom_item: EMERALD #The items used to represent the BackPack, you can use PLAYER_SKULL to use a player head
    skull_name: MHF_Chest #The name of the player to use
    small_packpack_name: '&4SMALL'
    medium_packpack_name: MEDIUM
    large_packpack_name: LARGE
    extra_large_packpack_name: EXTRA LARGE
    small_packpack_description: A Small BackPack # The Lore of the Small Backpack
    medium_packpack_description: A Medium BackPack # The Lore of the Medium Backpack
    large_packpack_description: A Lore BackPack # The Lore of the Large Backpack
    extra_large_packpack_description: An Extra Large BackPack # The Lore of the Extra-Large Backpack
    small_size: 18 # Small Backpack size 2*9
    medium_size: 27 # Medium backpack size 3*9
    large_size: 36 # Large Backpack size 4*9
    extra_large_size: 54 # Extra-large Backpack size 6*9 (the max is 6*9)
    #"-" represent the end of the line in the crafting table
    #":" represent the separation between every material in a line

    Backpacks Bank (store the backpacks with unlockable slots)
    Fast loading and unloading items from backpacks to a chest - Added in 1.0.3
    Custom Crafting Recipes - Added in 1.1.2
    Custom Backpack Item - Added in 1.1.0
    Player head as a Backpack - Added in 1.1.3
    Customizable messages - Added in 1.1.4
    - leave any suggestion you have in the discussion section and I'll must likely add it.

    You are not allowed to decompile the source code!
    You are not allowed to re-upload the plugin!
    You are not allowed to include the source code in your plugin!
    You are not allowed to claim this plugin as yours!

    This plugin is still in development and might contain bugs, if you find a bug please report it in the discussion section.

    when reporting a bug please provide these information:
    • Server Software (Spigot, Bukkit...)
    • Server Version (1.11, 1.12...)
    • Backpacks+ Version
    • Output in the console
    • Description of the Bug

    2017-08-13_08.52.48.png 2017-08-13_09.32.jpg 2017-08-13_09.54.jpg

    And here is where I would guilt trip you into donating to me :) PayPal, but honestly a thank you is enough or leaving a honest review.


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Recent Reviews

  1. lxst808
    Version: 1.3.4
    it's really good plugin, thank you

    config option was my dream and now i have it!
  2. TobbYplaY
    Version: 1.3.4
    Good day, I really liked your plugin, and I think it is the best of all plugins of this genre. There are some suggestions to improve it. I really hope that you will make them soon.
    1. The plugin config should be more flexible
    1.1 Changing the sound of opening backpack
    1.2 change the skin of the backpacks individually for each
    1.3 changing the name of the backpack inside the top panel
    2. There are some bugs I guess with a change of color in the name of the backpack (make it white small_packpack_name: '&fBackpack') When creating it white, when the opening becomes blue and in italics, or it is a bug, or a way to mark used backpacks, and if so should be, then you need to make to config the color setting of the open backpack. Sorry for mistakes, I use Google translator. I hope you understand what I wrote and make changes, I'm waiting for it!Thank you for your work!
  3. Temporaly001
    Version: 1.3.4
    Trash plugin doesn't work, no result in crafting table. I'm using 1.14.4 -and I'm op on the server.
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      make sure to install the dependency and maybe learn to read.
      if you go to update and see the latest update you'll find this line:
      [✔] Changed the default crafting ingredients .
      And in the main plugin page under crafting you find this line:
      The crafting changed I'll update this section wen I have the time :)

      thank you for your trash review.
  4. ThatOverPowered
    Version: 1.3.3
    Hi again!
    Thanks for the support, now the plugin is working really good.

    See u in nexts updates
  5. AgustinEzequiel2
    Version: 1.3.3
    Is an amazing backpack plugins, But it is not entirely customizable. I want to change(or disable) the "SMALL", "MEDIUM", etc in the bag name. Can you make the itemstack more customizable, please? It would be amazing if u could change the display-name and lore as you like it. Sorry for bad english.
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      The next update fix must of the issues like the config reseting al such :) also you will be ale to change the lore and the name
  6. ludozz
    Version: 1.3.2
    It is a good plugin, but could you add it like you can give other players backpacks too (via console too)? (if you add that it is a 5 stars)
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      guess what :) u can do just that now :)
  7. clevelandDetroit
    Version: 1.3.2
    It wont get added to plugins is there something required? or not cuz it wont lopad when starting server
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      did you add the dependency plugin NBT API? you find the link in the plugin page under dependency section
  8. Shadowpauler
    Version: 1.3.2
    Update to 1.14.3 please? Would be HIGHLY appreciated! One of the best plugins out there yet.
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      It should work fine on 1.14.3
  9. MrRayhonda
    Version: 1.3.0
    for some reason players can't open the backpacks. I looked in the config but see nothing to enable that. any ideas? Great plugin btw ^^
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      did you give the permission for that specific backpack?
  10. ReshiStar
    Version: 1.3.0
    This plugin is decent for what it does, it makes backpacks. Portable ones on top of that. However, the description is misleading, stating it supports player heads, however only supports player heads with players attached to them. No Headdatabase support and it seems there never will be, as this has been requested several updates ago. No support for backpacks to have keep on death. While this backpack plugin works fundamentally, the configuration is severely lacking.
    1. nefilto
      Author's Response
      Fair enough but you're dismissing some key point here.
      - The plugin is free and I am working on it on my free time
      - The full player head support is coming.
      - Keep the backpack on death that seems cheaty, I mean I made a plugin for graves, you can check it out.
      - When you say the config is lacking in what way? I tried my best to stick to vanilla taking the shulkerbox as a base.

      I don't think this review is fair but respect your opinion in the end you can just not use my plugin and try another one maybe you see the differences.