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  1. Gasha
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Gasha, dart2112
    If you are tired of premium backpacks plugin which are huge or causing you problems for server performance..well i have solution for you..this is completely lightweight backpack plugin..the point is to be simple but also to have nice abilites

    - Multiple types/size of backpacks
    - Small,Medium,Large backpacks
    - Ability to see players backpack
    - Ability to edit players backpack
    - Ability to set how much backpacks you want per size (default is 10 per size)
    - Ability to clear players backpack
    - Ability to have infinity inventories
    - Everything translatable
    - Very Lightweight
    - Players items in backpacks are totally safe and players won't lose their items from backpacks on death
    - Anti-duplication backpacks system..
    (Duplication bugs like PlayerVaults plugin have, with lilypad glitching and many more..well this plugin don't contain any of those bugs, all exploits and possibilites to abuse are prevented, so there is no abilites to abuse)

    30 backpacks by default (10 small,10 medium,10 large)


    - backpack.see <--- (player with that permission will only be able to see other plyers backpack, not to move items)
    - backpack.edit <--- (player with that permission will be able to see and edit items from other players backpack)


    # = number
    There is seted in config 10 backpacks permissions per size..(by default 30 in total, you can set more in config)

    - backpacks.small.1
    - backpacks.small.2
    - backpacks.small.3
    - backpacks.small.4
    - backpacks.small.5
    - backpacks.small.6
    - backpacks.small.7
    - backpacks.small.8
    - backpacks.small.9
    - backpacks.small.10

    - backpacks.medium.1
    - backpacks.medium.2
    - backpacks.medium.3
    - backpacks.medium.4
    - backpacks.medium.5
    - backpacks.medium.6
    - backpacks.medium.7
    - backpacks.medium.8
    - backpacks.medium.9
    - backpacks.medium.10

    - backpacks.large.1
    - backpacks.large.2
    - backpacks.large.3
    - backpacks.large.4
    - backpacks.large.5
    - backpacks.large.6
    - backpacks.large.7
    - backpacks.large.8
    - backpacks.large.9
    - backpacks.large.10


    /backpacks or /bp
    /backpack [size] [number] <--- to open backpack
    /backpack [size] [number] [clear]

    /backpack [size] [number] [player] <--- to open other players backpack
    /backpack [size] [number] [player] clear <--- to clear other players backpack
    /backpacks reload

    InventoryNameFormat: "&9&l[&c%player%&9&l] &3%size% backpack &c#&a%number%"
    BackpacksPerSize: 10
    small: 9
    medium: 27
    large: 54

    InventoryClosed: "&7You closed the backpack&c!"
    InventoryOpen: "&7You opened the backpack&a!"
    Reload: "&aYou successfully reload BackPack plugin&c!"
    Clear: "&eYou cleared backpack of &c%Player%"
    Small: "Small"
    Medium: "Medium"
    Large: "Large"
    NoPermission: "&7You don't have permission for backpack&c!"
    NumberTooBig: "&7The number of backpack you entered is too big, it needs to be from &c0 &7to &c%max%"
    IncorrectSize: "&7Size od backpack can be&c: &aSmall&7, &aMedium &7or &aLarge"
    PlayerDoesntExist: "&7Player with that name is not registered on this server&c!"
    MustBePlayer: "You must be ingame player to be able to do that"
    NumberFormatException: "&7Number from &c1 &7to &c10&7, and size can be&c: &aSmall&7, &aMedium &7or &aLarge"

    Everything is costumizable and finished, which means plugins don't need future updates, but i still give you source code of backpack plugin, if you want to edit or add something by yourself feel free to use source code
    if you have any questions contact me on PM or skype zekino_mudo <3

    If you are very satisfied with this plugin and you decide to be my special friend and buy me a coffee that will keep me working on upgrading plugin more and more all the time <3

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Recent Reviews

  1. fezip
    Version: ▩

    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review
      But you could ask that question in discussion thread or PM me anytime
      Its totally not correct to ask such things in review section, you ruined my five star's plugin, now its 4 and half stars, not five anymore..but okay!
      By the way it would be bad idea using MySQL for this plugin
      Since its tested to work much faster without MySQL, not all plugins requires MySQL, some plugins needs it, some don't..those plugins don't need it, it would just add you limitations, now you can edit players backpack even via file..with MySQL its much harder to search and edit
      This is ultra lightweight plugin and size is only 13 kb, thats why people loves it, if i add MySQL to this plugin size would be 100 kb and wouldn't have any beneficial effect at all..I think you should learn more about MySQL before asking for it in every plugin's review, because i told you its terrible using MySQL for any kind of plugins, only certain plugins requires MySQL, not all plugins..if you care about performance and server then you should better take care of not using 1.8 minecraft versions since that is ULTRA old outdated version, you should stopped using it 5 years ago, its terrible..

      But still if you are crazy fan of MySQL and store everything in MySQL then you should check what i said in last update, this BackPacks plugin was implented in my CreativeSecurity plugin that supports MySQL (i don't recommend using MySQL at all for any of those two plugin, cause its totally not needed, but you can use it if you want to save to MySQL but those are not plugins that needs MySQL, i personally not using it, but everyone have ability to use MySQL for it if they want, it will work perfectly)
      This plugin is open-source so you are able to edit yourself anytime and add aditional things you want..
      If you have any questions or issues feel free to PM me anytime
      Cheers <3
  2. pinkpig
    Version: ▩
    Did a brief test. Appears to work on
    PaperSpigot 1.13.1! (Meaning it'd work
    on Spigot 1.13.1 too prob).
    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Hey bro..thank you so much for such awesome are the best..Yeah..i tested this plugin on both Spigot and PaperSpigot 1.13.1 (working perfectly)

      By the this backpacks plugin and many more new things will be implented in my CreativeSecurity you will be able to use even less plugins with even more features :)
      so stay tuned ♡
  3. CableGuy
    Version: ▩
    This plugin works great, and now i have all features i need
    Awesome developer
    I recommend this plugin
  4. pinkpig
    Version: ▩
    Awesome plugin! Lightweight and works incredibly well! Plus the developer (Gasha) has helped me quite a few times. He's very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend! Only thing I'd suggest adding are aliases such as /bp for all commands.
    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot bro...for such nice review <3

      Sure bro, i'll add /bp for all commands, no problem...<3