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Make your Minecraft life mobile with Backpacks!

  1. drew6017
    NOTE: This page is not updated. Please see the official page at

    Backpacks is a very unique plugin meant to add backpacks to Minecraft without the use of any client side modifications. Completely vanilla backpacks! This plugin is the first of its kind due to the fact that it adds backpacks as an item! Yes, you can craft backpacks or obtain them through commands. Backpacks can also be dropped on the floor, stored in a chest, or even stored in another backpack (configurable) and will always retain their inventory. Backpacks is also one of the only plugins (I know of at least) that allows you to view the specific NBT tags on items.

    • High version compatibility - Backpacks supports a vast number of old versions and will most like support many more to come. Even if a version isn't explicitly stated as being supported, give it a try.
    • NBT Data Storage - Backpack data is stored in that item's NBT data (the same way Minecraft stores data about enchantments). This means you don't have to worry about databases, configs, or anything like that. You can even backup the world and all of the backpack's contents will be backed up with it.
    • Fully functioning backpack item - Backpacks from this plugin are just like backpacks from the mod. They can be traded, destroyed, cloned, etc.
    • Different backpack types - This plugin introduces many different backpack types that extend far beyond just simply storage. Check them out under the crafting section of this page.
    • Highly customizable - Almost every aspect of the backpacks is customizable, including the crafting recipe! So if you don't like the default recipes, change them to something you do.
    • Multilingual support - Backpacks uses a proprietary automatic translation system known as i18nExtractor in its build chain. This means that you can automatically translate Backpacks into ANY language supported by Google Translate. See the GitHub about building Backpacks in your language.

    See all commands on the Official Bukkit page.

    View all permissions in the plugin.yml.

    View the latest configuration here.


    View crafting recipes here.

    The installation is literally just drag and drop, so if you are used to installing plugins, you shouldn't have to read this next part.
    1. Locate your "plugins" folder which is located in your servers home folder.
    2. Drop the downloaded Backpacks.jar into the plugins folder.
    3. Run the server once to complete the installation!
    4. NOTE: Backpacks will create some files. Do NOT delete or modify these files unless you know what you are doing. You could mess up someones backpack.

    Showcases (HIGHLY OUTDATED)

    Known Bugs
    See a list of known issues here.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Metheus101
    Version: 2019.0.7
    I realy like this Plugin,
    but please add support for 1.17 it would be raly a shame if i could not use it anymore on my Server
  2. Re4er
    Version: 2019.0.7
    In my opinion, this is one of the best plugins for backpacks, but for some reason it is not as popular as I would like = (
  3. imDaniX
    Version: 01.3
    Pretty old plugin, but still works perfectly on my 1.10 server.
    Using lore for backpack's ID would be better, but anyway - good enough.
    So sad that's not open-source, and I'm not so good for doing something like this from zero ;-;
    5 stars, nya!
  4. SamB440
    Version: 01.3
    Excellent plugin. Works fine using the latest version, no bugs or errors. The plugin works smoothly and does what it is described to do.
  5. RonanCraft
    Version: 01.3
    Broke in 1.10, but still great for 1.9 server owners who needs one of these :) #6Stars for 1.10 update?
  6. mr.seiko
    Version: 01.3
    Great plugin. Very useful.

    Only issues I have noticed are
    - Linked backpacks report that "You are not wearing a backpack" when you are too far away from the chest. Perhaps limited to the client side render distance?
    - Linked backpacks only link to half of a double chest, was easy enough to overcome with a Hopper system.
  7. Zepher
    Version: 01.3
    Please make it so you can't place backpacks in backpacks can't go inside other backpacks it's super OP. Thanks much love
  8. Daeden
    Version: 0.0.9
    Great mod, my users love it!
  9. Vilican
    Version: 0.0.9
    Terrible version upgrading
  10. ferrinweb
    Version: 0.0.6
    i think i love this!