BackTeleport for Spigot 1.8.3 1.0

Easy BackTeleport Plugin for JumpNRunWorlds

  1. Bentipa
    Very easy and lightweight Plugin for your Server.
    The function is simple: You have a Jump'n Run on your Server in an empty world, so if you fall down you would die because you fall out of the world.
    This Plugin checks if a player is on a set height and teleports it back to a spawn in its world.

    • /info - Get Information about the Plugin
    • /addJumpnRunWorld - Adds a new world
    • /removeJumpnRunWorld - Removes a world
    • /getRegisteredWorlds - Returns all registered worlds
    • /addJumpnRunRespawn - Adds the Respawn for a world
    • BackTeleport.addJumpnRunWorld
    • BackTeleport.addJumpnRunRespawn
    • BackTeleport.removeJumpnRunWorld
    • BackTeleport.getRegisteredWorlds
    You can change the maximal height a Player should reach until he gets teleported to the Respawn of its JumpnRunWorld.
    All registered worlds are saved in the config, you could edit them also there.

    I made this Plugin for a friend who needed something like this, so its not that awesome perfect plugin with a ton of features :D
    If you find bugs or have an idea what you wanna have, send me a PN. I will try to fix/implement it as far as I can.

Recent Reviews

  1. Neonlp
    Version: 1.0
    Gutes Plugin, aber kannst du noch Checkpoints hinzuf├╝gen? z.b wenn man /addJumpnRunRespawn, setzt man den Respawnpunkt in der Welt.
    Wenn man /addCheckpoint eingibt, und man das JumpAndRun bis zum Checkpoint schafft, dann wird man immer am Checkpoints teleportiert
    1. Bentipa
      Author's Response
      Ich kann mal schauen ob ich das mal neumache :D