BackYouGo 1.0

Teleport players to spawn on join and more

  1. pleasega

    BackYouGo is another one of my simple and lightweight plugins. This simple and lightweight plugin allows you to set the spawn point of your server, and it will automatically teleport players upon joining there, supporting multi-world. Also, allowing this to be bypassed with permissions or for ops.

    Why Make BackYouGo?

    This plugin was made for a Build Server, so that when visitors/clients enter the server, they will be teleported to the spawn point that they have set for security purposes. Builders or administrators can then have the permission or if they are OP to bypass that, so they need not travel all the way back each time they log in.


    -Simple, lightweight and many optionals
    -Set spawn
    -Teleport to spawn with command (Require permission. Default OP)
    -Teleport to spawn on log in
    -Message when player sets spawn (Require permission. Default OP)
    -Bypass teleport to spawn on log in (Require permission. Default OP)


    /backyougo - BackYouGo information
    /byg - BackYouGo alias
    /byg help - Displays help information
    /byg set - Sets BackYouGo spawn point at your location
    /byg spawn - Teleports you to spawn point


    Code (Text):
          description: Grants permission for command to set spawn point for BackYouGo.
          default: op

          description: Grants permission to receive message when BackYouGo spawn has been set.
          default: op

          description: Grants permission to bypass join at spawn point.
          default: op

          description: Grants permission for command to teleport to BackYouGo spawn.
          default: op
    How to install
    1. Download the JAR file by clicking on the Download Now button.
    2. Drag the BackYouGo.jar into the plugins directory of your Minecraft server.
    3. Start your server and the plugin will be doing its work!
    4. Enjoy!

    Please leave all questions and issues in the discussion!

    Terms & Conditions

    By clicking on the Download Now button or downloading this plugin, you agree to the following:
    • You may not reproduce or redistribute this plugin at any point in time to anywhere, including Spigot.
    • You may not claim to own this plugin.
    • pleasega is the sole developer of this plugin and reserves all rights to this plugin.
    Rate or leave me your review and feedback! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

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