BadBed 1.0

Forces players using beds to leave the server! For hardcore servers!

  1. Ganga
    What is BadBed?

    Having the BadBed plugin installed on your server makes sure players only leave the server by sleeping in their beds. When they leave the server by disconnecting manually they get either killed or banned (configurable).
    When a player enters a bed he will leave the server automatically during sleep.

    Why is it useful?

    * If you have a hardcore pvp server and want to make it extra hard ;)
    * It makes sure that players dont leave during a fight!
    * It changes the lifestyle of normal Minecraft more than you actually think!

    Is it configurable?

    Just a part. You can decide wether the player just gets killed or banned when leaving the server without sleeping.
    You can change the message as well the player receives when he leaves the server during sleep.

    But all in all there are no commands needed what makes the plugin even more easy to use!