BagOfGold 3.0.7

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

  1. Rocologo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based. The money is stored in the Inventory and it means that you can actually see, drop and pickup your money. The money can of course be used like any other economies like Essentials, CraftConomy or iConomy and works with other plugins which demands an Economy plugin. F.ex. Shops, Teleport, Money Rewards. BagOfGold works very well with Essentials, if you have Essentials on your server, /bal and /mh money bal will show the same amount of money and you will be able to use the /eco commands.

    Warning : since the money is Item based, you can loose all your money, like your equipment if you get killed, so maybe it is a good an idea that you store your money in a protected chest, or in the BagOfGold Bank.

    BagOfGold Bank
    To protect your money you can deposit you BagOfGold in a Bank.
    Line1: [bagofgold bank] (Bank name can be changed in config.yml)
    Line2: Deposit/Withdraw/Balance
    Line3: Everything/number/empty

    Banker NPC
    If you prefer a NPC as a banker, you can create that too:
    /bagofgold banker create
    /bagofgold banker remove
    To use this yo must have Citizens2 installed.

    BagOfGold is currently dependend on either Vault or Reserve but ProtocolLib is also stronly recommended. If your players change Worlds/gamemode you will need PerWorldInventory as well.

    Here is some basic commands, more will come....
    /bagofgold reload - To reload the configuration file
    /bagofgold update - To check for and update the plugin
    /bagofgold version - To show the BagOfGold version
    /bagofgold debug - To enable/disable debug mode

    /bagofgold bag pay playername 10
    /bagofgold bag balance
    /bagofgold bag balance playername
    /bagofgold bag bankbalance
    /bagofgold bag bankbalance playername
    /bagofgold bag top (To show the top 54 wealthiest players)
    /bagofgold bag give playername 10 (admin)
    /bagofgold bag give * 10 (admin - give all online players 10)
    /bagofgold bag take playername 10 (admin)
    /bagofgold bag drop 10 (admin)
    /bagofgold bank balance (admin)
    /bagofgold bank take (admin)
    /bagofgold bank give (admin)

    or if you prefer /money
    /money bag pay playername 10
    /money bag balance
    /money bag balance rocologo
    /money bag bankbalance
    /money bag bankbalance rocologo
    /money bag give playername 10 (admin)
    /money bag take playername 10 (admin)
    /money bag drop 10 (admin)

    /bag money.... will also work

    or if you have Essentials installed
    /eco <give|take|set|reset> <player> <amount>

    BagOfGold has exposed the following placeholders:
    * %bagofgold_balance%
    * %bagofgold_bank_balance%
    * %bagofgold_ping%

    The plugin searches for new updates every 2 hours and if you have

    The plugin searches for new updates every 2 hours and if you have permission "bagofgold.update" your will get an alert ingame and in the console. In config.yml you can let the plugin automatically update or you can disable updating completely if you want to.

    - bagofgold.reload
    - bagofgold.update
    - bagofgold.version
    - bagofgold.debug



    This plugin utilizes BtoBastians plugin metrics systems , which means that the following information is collected and sent to
    - A unique identifier The server's version of Java Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    - The plugin's version
    - The server's version
    - The OS version/name and architecture
    - The core count for the CPU
    - The number of players online
    - The Metrics version

    You can disable bStats, but this causes a startup delay of 20 seconds.


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Recent Updates

  1. V3.0.7 Bug fixing
  2. V3.0.6 Bug fixing
  3. V3.0.5 Bugfixing

Recent Reviews

  1. BoLo_Bro
    Version: 3.0.7
    Wonderful plugin!

    Have used this for a little while now with now issues, however i've encountered a bug.

    You are able to duplicated money by placing money or "head" item on the ground. You keep the money in your inventory that you put down, and you're able to pickup the same value. This allows you to essential double your money! i'd love a fix for this.

    besides for that! it's perfect for my server.
  2. MelonLabs
    Version: 3.0.5
    Great plugin.

    Found a bug:
    Reloading the plugin while in-game sets my language to RU.
    Did a workaround to manually edit the ru_RU.lang translations to the EN values.

    Great work nonetheless.
  3. afrojack10
    Version: 3.0.4
    Great plugin. Any possibility adding an 'all' command to this: */money bag give playername 10 (admin)*

    So you can replace 'playername' with 'all'. Would be so useful. Cheers!
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Thank you, Please make a ticket at github
  4. HaruKin
    Version: 2.9.9
    Player's balance was removed.
    Happens in many situations.
    I wasted my time using this plugin.
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Correct 2.9.9 was unstable, but 3.0.4 is pretty stable I have no serious bug reports at the moment.
  5. StevenHong
    Version: 2.9.9
    Greate plugin,really like it !!! But may you add Bank interest function?
    and each rank have different interest etc...
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Please check the config.yml it has a simple bank interest function, it needs testing, but it should work. Make a ticket at github if you find bugs.
  6. PaisWillie
    Version: 2.9.9
    Wonderful plugin! Any issues were quickly resolved through Rocologo's GitHub. Highly recommended!
  7. Pizzaguy123
    Version: 2.9.8
    This plugin is the BEST eco plugin ever!
    I would definitely recommend!
    but is there a way to change the npc banker to a player...
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Yes i think you can do that using citizens /npc command ?
  8. GoldaCola
    Version: 2.9.0
    Plugin en test sur notre serveur, nous reviendrons donner des nouvelles bientôt. Merci pour votre travaille.
    Y a t'il un fichier langue traduit en Français?
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      I dont not have a french translation. My french is not that good. I would like to get a copy of the lang file, from anyone who had done the work.
  9. EnchantedCrown
    Version: 2.8.8
    Hi, the plugin is very good, I am using it on my server and it works fancy, but I would also like to know if you could add support with Shopkeepers, thanks.
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Could you please test newest 3.0.0 SNAPSHOT? i have tried to fix the problem with Shopkeeper.
  10. Arhke
    Version: 2.8.8
    Really impressive plugin; no offense to the gringotts maker, but this plugin is way ahead in terms of configurability and flexibility.
    100% would recommend~~!

    Was wondering if there is support for people that are trying to split a pouch to store in their chest... or if not would it be possible to add it?

    tysm for a great plugin
    1. Rocologo
      Author's Response
      Im sorry i have not seen you question until now. I dont understand the question. Could you please ask on github?