BagOfGold 2.7.9

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

  1. V2.7.9 Bug fixing

    • Fixed a bug where a BagOfGold item could lose its value by placering the item as a block
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  2. 2.7.8 CMI ActionBar support added + bug fixing

    • BagOfGold can now use CMI action bars
  3. V2.7.7 Bug fixing

  4. V2.7.6 minor update

    • Removed delay in playerchat if no ActionBar message handler is installed
  5. V2.7.5 bug fixing

    • Fixed: BagOfGold blocks / MobHunting Rewards blocks loses it value when hit by flowing water.
  6. V2.7.4 Fixed NoClassDefFoundError

    * fixed NoClassDefFoundError: one/lindegaard/Core/skins/Skins_1_14_R1
  7. V2.7.3 Fxed more bugs for MC 1.8 - MC 1.12 users

    • Fixed bugs where new Material names was not recognized in older minecraft versions.
  8. V2.7.2 Important bug fixing

    • BankSigns can now be used when Gringotts_Style is chosen.
    • Gringotts deposit/withdraw recoded
    • Added Economy_API to
    • Gringotts debug information removed
  9. V2.7.1 Support for Reserve + Bug fixing

    • BagOfGold now support the new Economy API Reserve. You can freely choose between Vault and Reserve.
    • Fixed problem where player could duplicate the BagOfGold item, making a fake reward. (This only happened in creative mode).
  10. V2.7.0 Minor fixes

    • Fixed minor bugs and tested ProtocolLib-4.4.0 against MC 1.10.2 servers.