Bags 2.0.0

A unique plugin that adds bags with custom textures without influencing default textures!

  1. benfah
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    This plugin is outdated. Here you can find Bags 2

    A unique plugin that adds bags with custom textures without influencing default textures!

    • Code Cleanup
    • Make base item changeable
    • Custom craft limit for bags

    Works with:
    Spigot, not with Bukkit!


    Normal Bag:
    Big Bag:
    Crafting Bag:
    Anvil Bag:
    Enchantment Bag:
    Ender Bag:

    I got the inspiration from here (english) and here (german) :D.

    Thanks for 2,000 Downloads! You're fabulous!


    different backs







    • bag.give
    • bag.resource
    • bag.list

    • bag.craft.small
    • bag.craft.big
    • bag.craft.enchant
    • bag.craft.crafting
    • bag.craft.ender
    • bag.craft.anvil
    /bags | Shows the help menu
    /bags credits | Shows the credits of the plugin :3.
    /bags give <Bag> | Gives you the bag you specified
    /bags edit <BagID> | Lets you edit the bag with the specific BagID
    /bags lang
    /bags list

    The plugin is available in:
    Dutch (Coming soon!)
    (The languages may not be 100% accurate)
    If you have some suggestions or want to contribute your own language to Bags, look at the "How to translate" spoiler and send me the content of the YAML file, I would really appreciate it!

    Type /bags lang to change the language.


    Thanks to TakeDown!

    Thanks to Fynito!
    How to translate:
    1. Stop the Spigot server.
    2. Go plugins, Bags, lang
    3. Copy the "en.yml" and change the name to "YOURLANG.yml" as an example.
    4. Edit the file and translate all Strings.
    5. Edit the "cfg.yml" which is in the Bags folder
    6. Change the langfile from "en.yml" to "YOURLANG.yml" as example
    7. Boot the server again.
    8. Now you have all items in your language!

    This is only for people who wants to change the resourcepack on their server!
    If you have problems with applying the resourcepack, write that in the Discussions section ;).

    This plugin uses Java 8. If you have Java 7, download Java 8 or ask your provider to update to Java 8.

    This usually doesn't happen, but if it happens, send me the error log :D.

    This happens when my plugin isn't up to date. Just ask me to update it in the Discussions section, but I'll usually do it if there's a new version.

    You need Spigot for this plugin. Please use Spigot instead of Bukkit.

    Something else
    Just send it to me and I'll fix it :D, but please check, that it is my plugin that's causing the errors. You can see it by looking in the error log. It should contain something with me.benfah.bags.

    How to change the resourcepack:
    1. Go into the "cfg.yml" in the "Bags" folder in the plugins folder
    2. change the field "custom-resourcepack" to true instead of false
    3. Change the field "custom-resourcepack-link" to the direct download link of the resourcepack.
    4. Reload the server. Done!

    I hope all of you are going to enjoy my plugin :D

Recent Updates

  1. 2.0.0
  2. Bags 1.4.4
  3. 1.4.4

Recent Reviews

  1. IOI_ConstructOr
    Version: 2.0.0
    Hi benfah, Your spoiler texture pack are broken. Can you fix that please. Thanks !
    1. benfah
  2. Mine-Hacker
    Version: 2.0.0
    This plugin is AMAZING! It adds custom textures which I really like! This inspired me to do something too!!!
  3. Budala123
    Version: 2.0.0
    I love this plugin with texture pack :) nice work, but i need placeholder for like (%playername%) thanks!
  4. mfnalex
    Version: Bags 1.4.4
    Awesome plugin, competent author! I filed a bug and it was fixed immediately.
    Bestes Plugin, kompetenter Autor. Der gemeldete Fehler wurde sofort behoben :)
  5. mfnalex
    Version: 1.4.4
    Great plugin! It used to work awesomely until 1.11.

    Unfortunately only the small bag seems to be working in 1.11. The big bag for example shows up as a leather chestplate and cannot be used.

    Please update this awesome work :)
    1. benfah
      Author's Response
      Fixed now :D
  6. NoDeschPro
    Version: 1.4.4
    behfah, könntest du in der Config einstellbar machen, welches Item man benutzt als "Bags"? Würde liebend gern auf Carrot_sticks packen, da man mit diese nicht interagieren kann sowie möcht ich auch net, dass man diese anzieht .-. Wäre nice c:
    Vielen dank im voraus!
  7. Surviphil
    Version: 1.4.4
    Very good plugin, but there's a bug: you can duplicate the bags as often as you want: when you rightclick, you wear the bag and have one in inventory, so you have two. You can repeat it often as you want
    1. benfah
      Author's Response
      That's a visual bug :/. Duplicating only really works in creative.
  8. BaliKiller
    Version: 1.4.4
    I absolutely love this plug-in because carrying a lot of extra stuff can be important when exploring new areas, I especially love the crafting bag because you might need to craft something on the fly. The only thing I would like added, which would be difficult to add would be furnace bags, and possibly brewing bags. I can see how those would be difficult because of the timers, but if it is possible those should definitely be added. Thanks for the plug-in!
  9. AlexBoo
    Version: 1.4.4
    This is THE best backpacks plugin I've ever seen. It's really good. My only question is, how did you manage to make it download custom textures? I really don't understand how plugin creators do that.
    1. benfah
      Author's Response
      You can redirect the texture if the item has the Unbreakable tag and a damage value in the json file. The redirecting uses the "predicate" tag in the json file ^^. Here's also a download link for the resourcepack. Just look at the Resourcepack spoiler :).
  10. sp33dy4ever
    Version: 1.4.4
    Very nice plugin, but please make an command for giving a bag with an existing number, because sometimes the bag puts in themselves or gets a new number ^-^