Ban Management 1.0

Manage all your servers bans, kicks, warns, etc...

  1. Bear53
    Ban Management is a plugin that will allow your servers staff to completely manage your bans, tempbans, unbans, kicks, warns, and reports, as well as clearchat!

    To get started simply download the plugin, drop it into your plugins folder, then restart or reload your server to begin utilizing its ability!

    Code (Text):
      kick: true
      ban: true
      unban: false
      temp-ban: true
        banned: true
        bannedby: Bear53
        date: 18-05-2015 22:25:08
        reason: ''

    Permissions & Commands:
    Code (Text):
    bm.tempban - Access to /tempban <player> <n><s/m/h/d> <reason>
    bm.ban - Access to /ban <player> <reason>
    bm.unban - Access to /unban <player> - Access to /report <player> <reason>
    bm.getreport - Receives message when a player reports another player
    bm.clearchat - Access to /clearchat & /cc
    bm.kick - Access to /kick <player> <reason>
    bm.warn - Access to /warn <player> <reason>
    bm.notify - Receives messages when a player warns another player
    bm.* - Access to all Ban Management Permissions
    ScreenShots (1).png
    None yet! PM me if you want to make one!
    By downloading/buying this plugin you agree to the following:
    1. You will not redistribute/resell/forward/send this plugin to anyone for any reason
    2. You will not get a refund under any circumstances
    3. This plugin may only be used on one server (bungee network counts as one), unless you have a statement from me stating that you may use it on more
    Thanks for downloading my plugin! I have some sweet features coming your way next!​
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Recent Reviews

  1. lino9999
    Version: 1.0
    Non comprate questo plug-in !
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      English please
  2. Mineoz
    Version: 1.0
    Typical isn't it, purchase a plugin that turns out shit and then the author couldnt be stuffed updating it of fixing the errors - NEVER BUY this, it is outdated and hardly works
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      It works as advertised, nothing more nothing less
  3. PavkataBG2
    Version: 1.0
    Very few commands for 2.5 USD , it's a shame to sell this plugin. I can't understan why people tell me it's good ,but its terrible.
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      What commands is it lacking? It handles bans unbans reports as advertised. Please PM me if you have a real issue and not leave a bad review for doing what it is meant to do.