Ban Manager [Skript] 1.1

Does you punishments have several levels? You dont know how to manage them? Use this skript!

  1. Itaquito
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    If your server have different levels of bans/mutes/warns depending on how many times the hacker had hack before. This script may be usefull for you.

    • Ban/mute/kick/warn players depending on how many times they hack before.
    • You can use your favorite ban plugin
    • Most of the messeges can be changed/translated
    • You can use SilentStart so the script doesnt send startup messeges.
    • Custom permissions.
    • Custom prefix.
    • Check in which the levels of a player, so you know in which level a player will be punish.

    • /banmanager - Shows the help
    • /bm <player> <cheat> - Punish a player with a specific cheat.
    • /bm <player> check - Check the levels of a player.
    Available cheat types: KillAura, Criticals, XRay, Fly, AutoArmor, Flood, Advertise.
    If you need more cheats contact me :D


    • Skript (This is the Skript I use)
    • Permission plugin (I recommend LuckPerms, this script uses the permissions to keep track of how many times a player has been punish)
    • Ban plugin (I recommend AdvancedBan).

    If you dont have skript already installed:
    • Stop your server.
    • Place the Skript.jar plugin on your plugins folder.
    • Open your server.
    • Place the script on your scripts folder.
    • Load the script (/skript reload banmanager)

    If you have skript already installed:
    • Place the script on your scripts folder.
    • Load the script (/skript reload banmanager)

    Thanks for reading! Contact me in Discord if you found any bug or if you have a suggestion: itaquito#2319

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