Ban Systems (Bukkit/Spigot Edition) 1.3.1

Cross Server Ban Managment System

  1. GhostHacks96
    Ban System
    Bukkit/Spigot Edition​

    Ban Systems Is the Simplest Cross Server Banning System.
    All that is required is a MySQL Database, Our System records:
    Bans and Kicks from the moment it's initialized and connected.

    Ban Systems allows you to ban a player <regardless OP Status> for a given reason,
    kick a player <regardless OP Status> for a given reason.
    As well as view all records easily threw a simple web interface.<customization allowed>

    ban <playername> <reason> - Bans The Player
    opban <playername> <reason> - Bans The Player *
    kick <playername> <reason> - Kicks the Player *
    unban <playername> - Unbans The Player
    banlist - Displays The Banned Users

    bans.mod - Gives access to Kick and view ban list
    bans.admin - Gives access to All commands

    Bungee Add-on
    Ban Systems (Bukkit/Spigot) has a sister bungee plugin. The Bungee Plugin blocks the banned user from joining the server network, by doing so it effectively bans the player from the entire network.
    The Bungee Add-on Will be a posted Premium Plugin Soon.

    Optional Items
    Web Interface <MIT Licensed> : Download Here
    Instillation Instructions:
    1. Upload and unzip the files
    2. Edit config.php with your data.
    3. (Optional) Edit Styling And Wording.
    If you Really Like The Plugin and would like to help me out
    Donate Here :)

    Current Servers Using Ban Systems:
    1. None reported

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Recent Reviews

  1. Snip
    Version: 1.3.1
    Very good plugin for a free plugin it's all we need for a server with not a lot of money ! I love you :p
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      Thank You I tried to make it as simple as possible while staying functional!
  2. lim_bo56
    Version: 1.3.1
    Great Plugin :D No bugs found, it will be awesome if i could contact you, my skype is lim_bo66.
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      Thanks, please PM me on spigot i prefer not to give out my skype
  3. tooxo1
    Version: 1.2.5
    Very good. No bugs
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      Thank You, I did my best to make sure there where none.