Ban Voter 1.0.0

A vote to unban plugin.

  1. BrayzPlayz
    Ban Voter:

    What is it? : Ban Voter is a plugin where users can read an appeal a banned user has made on a forum page created by the server owner. Once they read the appeal they go on the server, to where they can vote to have a player is unbanned. Once the banned player reaches enough votes, he is unbanned. The user with the permission (Listed Below) is able to set the amount a votes a banned user needs to be unbanned. Players are only able to vote once per player. Also their ip is traced, so they can not have multiple alts come on to vote. The plugin is in beta so please message me if you see any problems! I hope you enjoy the plugin! All permissions and commands are below ↓↓↓


    /bv vote {Player} | Votes to unban player

    /bv votes {Player} | Shows amount of votes per player

    /bv limit set {Amount} | Sets the unban vote amount.

    /bv reload | Reloads plugin

    (Note* You must use the reload command after
    banning a player that is offline, reloading it will
    add them to the list of banned players so they
    can be voted for)

    /bv help | List all commands and information


    banvoter.admin | Admin Permissions.

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