BanBadUsernames [CraftBukkit/Spigot] 1.0.0

Don't like Players having inappropriate Usernames? Then try this

  1. XXLCreeper
    You're sick of Players having inappropriate Usernames?
    This makes it much easier to detect Players who have such name.

    How the Plugin works:
    You can set the Alerts on every keyword you want (Like "creeper" in the example below). When a Player joins and his name contains one or more of the Alert Key-words, the server sends a Message to all Players, with a specific permission, a message where all Key-words are listed
    You can then also ban this Username from your Server
    (If a Player with this Name is online, he gets kicked)

    /bbu ban add <Username> -> bans a Username
    /bbu ban remove <Username> -> unbans a Username
    /bbu ban list -> list all banned Usernames

    /bbu alert add <Key-word> -> adds the Key-word to the Alert list
    /bbu alert remove <Key-word> -> removes the Key-word from the Alert list
    /bbu list -> list all Alert Key-words

    bbu.execute -> needed to use the /bbu command
    (More permissions for the different commands are comming within the next Updates)
    bbu.seeBroadcast -> needeed to see the Alert message when a Player joins (only if the Username contains one or more key-words)

    • The generated .txt files in the plugin folder can be used on every Server -> compatible with bungee version of BBU
    • To edit the files you must stop the server currently (will be fixed soon)

    Please post Bugs, Feedback and whatever you like in the discussion thread.
    Bungee version won't come so soon, because there are problems with BungeeCord when disconnectiong a Player.
    I'll send you the Bungee version download link on demand