BanBlocks - AntiNuker for Bedwars or similar 1.0

Automatic System for detecting Nukers in certain games

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    BanBlocks is an Anti-Nuker System for games like Bedwars, SurvivalGames and Annihilation.

    BanBlocks allows you to set up hidden blocks that automatically perform commands upon interaction.

    • Automatic Detection
    • Highly Customizable
    • No (known) False Positives
    • Fast Setup

    Detailed Description:
    This plugin should be used as an additional security measure for servers with games like Survival Games, Bedwars or Annihilation. Admins are able to place blocks that are unreachable by legit players in the world. Some cheats try to access these hidden blocks (for example open a chest or break a block) and you can decide what should happen to the cheater. Attempting to reach such a block by block-glitching will only alert admins, however will not add a violation.

    • /banblocks vio player -- Display violation data about this player
    • /banblocks edit -- Enter editing mode, leftclick to toggle a BanBlock, rightclick to select a BanBlock in order to change settings
    • /banblocks info -- Displays info about the selected block
    • /banblocks addcommand number command...
    • /banblocks removecommand number
    • /banblocks listcommands
    • /banblocks editcommand number command...
    • /banblocks setvio number -- Set the required violation level to execute the commands on the selected block
    • /banblocks break -- Toggle if the player has to break the block in order to violate or only rightclick/leftclick

    • banblocks.command.vio
    • banblocks.command.edit
    • banblocks.command.add
    • banblocks.command.edit
    • banblocks.command.remove
    • banblocks.command.list
    • banblocks.command.break
    • banblocks.command.setvio
    • banblocks.exception -- Won't execute commands on this player
    • banblocks.alert -- Required to receive alerts

    Config.yml defaults:

    • alerts.sound: true -- Allows toggling if a sound should be played additional to an alert

    Command Placeholders:

    You can use %PLAYER% and %UUID% in to replace it with the players name or uuid in a command of a BanBlock.
    Example: /banblocks addcommand 0 kick %PLAYER% You have been kicked!


    1. First, make 100% sure that non-admins can NOT break any blocks in your area.
    2. Place any block you'd like players to get banned for interacting with/breaking.
    3. Enter the editing mode with the command /banblocks edit
    4. Leftclick the block to turn it into a BanBlock.
    5. Rightclick the BanBlock to select it. Use /banblocks to change any setting of this block.
    6. Adding a command: Select the BanBlock, type /banblocks addcommand 0 kick %PLAYER% Nuker is not allowed!
    7. Exit editing mode again with /banblocks edit
    8. Make 100% that there is no way for legitimate players to click this block.
    Note: A Bed is two blocks wide, so click the two blocks the bed consists of.

    Download the file at the top right, and drop the BanBlocks.jar into your plugins folder. Afterwards, either restart your server or use an external plugin to load BanBlocks.

    BanBlocks is licensed under the MIT License

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