Bandage 1.0

A Very Helpful Plugin For Minigames To Bandage Your Wounds!

  1. SlahHx3
    The Bandage plugin is exactly what you think. It's an advanced plugin that heals your damage! Without adding 30 commands!. Please note: I wanted to get into the coding business so this is my first plugin that I thought was good enough to publish (so please don't hate) Bellow you can find a list of permissions and commands to run on your server!


    - bandage.use (Heals yourself)
    - bandage.otherplayers (Heals yourself)


    - /bandage (Heals yourself)
    - /bandage {players_name} (Heals another player)


    - In version 1.2 I want to add another command. That command being /bandage half (and) /bandage {amount_of_hearts} the values would be healing yourself half way (This would be useful for mini games like Survival Games because you could hide secret healing chests (or something like that). And /bandage {amount_of_hearts} would be so the user has full control of the plugin controlling the amount of hearts you want yourself or another player to regenerate!