BanHammer 2.1

Hit someone with a blazerod to ban, kick or mute them!

  1. OxyDrug
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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first plugin - BanHammer

    Have you ever wanted to be able to hit a person to ban, kick, or mute someone? Well, this is the plugin for you.
    Change between modes with configurable items to ban, kick, or mute a player by hitting them!


    /banhammer - Gives the player a hammer, depending on what mode they are on.
    Mode resets to ban mode on login.

    Alias: /bh

    /banhammer unmute [player] - Unmutes a player which was muted by the BanHammer plugin
    Alias: /bh unmute [player]

    /banhammer reload - Reloads the configuration file
    Alias: /bh reload

    /bazooka - Gives the player a bazooka, depending on what mode they are on
    Mode resets on login

    Alias: /adminbazooka

    How the plugin works:

    Acquire your BanHammer by using the command /banhammer. Right click when you have the hammer in your hand to switch between Ban, Kick and Mute modes.
    Hit a player when you have found the correct mode to ban, kick or mute them!
    To unmute a player either use the command or click the player again!
    Same for the bazooka! Use the command /bazooka and left click to change mode!


    /banhammer - BanHammer.BanHammer
    Switch between modes -

    - BanHammer.mode.ban
    - BanHammer.mode.kick
    - BanHammer.mode.mute

    Ban, Mute or Kick player using the banhammer: BanHammer.execute

    /bazooka - BanHammer.bazooka
    Switch between modes -

    - BanHammer.bazooka.modes
    Ban, Mute or Kick player using bazooka: BanHammer.bazooka.execute


    Code (Text):
    #Prefix displayed behind every message
    #Set to '' for no prefix
    prefix: '&7[&cBanHammer&7] '

    #Messages broadcast on kick, ban and mute
    banBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7banned &c%TARGET%'
    muteBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7muted &c%TARGET%'
    kickBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7kicked &c%TARGET%'
    unmuteBroadcast: '&a%PLAYER% &7unmuted &a%TARGET%'

    #Items you will use to kick, ban and mute players##
    #Only use the item ID##
    #List of item ids:
    banItem: 369
    muteItem: 280
    kickItem: 370

    #Names of bazookas
    bazookaBanName: '&cBanZooka'
    bazookaKickName: '&aKickZooka'
    bazookaMuteName: '&eMuteZooka'
    bazookaNormalName: '&bNormalZooka'

    #Messages broadcast when target is hit by arrow
    bazookaBanBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7banned &c%TARGET%'
    bazookaKickBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7kicked &c%TARGET%'
    bazookaMuteBroadcast: '&c%PLAYER% &7muted &c%TARGET%'
    bazookaUnmuteBroadcast: '&a%PLAYER% &7unmuted &a%TARGET%'

    #List of muted players

    #Do not change this

    Known bugs:

    - None

    If updating from a previous version, please delete old config before install

    Please message me to suggest anything or to report bugs

    Thank you!








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Recent Reviews

  1. PlasticWaste
    Version: 2.1
    Very good plugin, but staff can ban me (I'm the owner of the server) with this. In the next update please could you add an exempt people area in the config, please? Thanks. :D
  2. Yelol
    Version: 2.1
    Very good, But you can add PunishmentZooka Where can you add "Punishment Gui" With tempbans and something :D
  3. MrARC
    Version: 2.0
    Good idea haha, could you add a "Admin bazooka" which is a special bow to ban players? :D. Leaving 5 stars to this very nice resource :3
    1. OxyDrug
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for 5 stars!

      I will try my best to add this in the next update :)
  4. cardos
    Version: 2.0
    Haha this is a fun plugin. There isnt really that much too it and you cant give reason for mute or ban. For the rest its fine and why is the ban hammer a stick? not an axe haha
    1. OxyDrug
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the rating!
      You can change the ban hammer in the configuration file :)

      How would you suggest adding a reason for the mute/ban/kick?
  5. deprilula28
    Version: 1.1
    Good fun plugin! I just trolled my friends yesterday with it :P
    Some ideas for it is having a different tool for each punishment, because currently the plugin is too poor of features, but it's still pretty good! :)
    1. OxyDrug
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the rating!

      I will be sure to implement this change in the next update; thank you for the suggestion!