BanHammered 2014-8-25

Allows the player to use an actual ban hammer!

  1. Kilovice


    BanHammered has one simple goal and that is to allow server owners the ability to use an actual ban hammer. When hit with the hammer the user of the hammer is forced to run /ban <player> and because of this BanHammered will also work with most of your favorite ban management plugins.


    /banhammer - Main Command, gives ban hammer or gives player specified ban hammer.
    /bh - Alias for Ban Hammer


    banhammer.* - All Permissions listed below
    banhammer.give - Ability to use /banhammer
    banhammer.give.others - Ability to use /banhammer <player>
    banhammer.use - Ability to send command when using the ban hammer
    banhammer.notify - Notifies players when another player is banned
    banhammer.ban - Allows use of banning when forceban = true
    Known Bugs:
    - Ban reason not displayed on player join when banned using 'forceban'
    Things to add:
    - Custom ban Message
    - Ability to 'force' BanHammer to handle bans
    - TempBan Hammer( /tempbanhammer, /tbh)