BanItem [1.7-1.16] 3.0

Lightweight, powerful & configurable per world ban item plugin

  1. 1.16 support + multiple addons/fixes

    • Added 1.16 support;
    • Added WorldGuard region support (;
    • Added 'inventoryclick' option: can not click this item in any inventory;
    • Added 'rename' option: can not rename the item in an anvil, or from a (configurable) rename commands;
    • Added configurable prefix;
    • Added support of potions levels for metadata;
    • Added update checker (configurable);
    • Added metrics;
    • Updated config file with new 'options' section: multiple configurations available for some options;
    • Better recognition for craft option;
    • Fixed swap option (+ no more drag item into inventory);
    • Fixed specific subcommands permissions;
    • Whole project restructure (packages, pom...);
    • Updated API;
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