BanItem [1.7-1.16] 2.4

Lightweight, powerful & configurable per world ban item plugin

  1. New option + fixes

    • New option bookedit: when the player edits or signs a book and quill item;
    • [Config] Added wear worldguard region check (configurable): the plugin will check the player's equipment when changing regions;
    • Fixed swap shift+click;
    • Fixed color codes deserialization;
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  2. 1.16 support + multiple addons/fixes

    • Added 1.16 support;
    • Added WorldGuard region support (;
    • Added 'inventoryclick' option: can not click this item in any inventory;
    • Added 'rename' option: can not rename the item in an anvil, or from a (configurable) rename commands;
    • Added configurable prefix;
    • Added support of potions levels for metadata;
    • Added update checker (configurable);
    • Added metrics;
    • Updated config file with new...
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  3. New options + fixes

    • Added 'fill' option: block when a player try to fill a bucket with a fluid;
    • Added 'unfill' option: block when a player try to unfill a bucket;
    • Improved & fixed wear option;
    • Fixed delete option for items with metadata;
    • Fixed clientside inventory visual bug if an item is banned (MC<1.12);
    • Code cleanup
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  4. Fixes

    • Added available enchantments & potions name list in /banitem help;
    • Fixed metadata potion names. They are also correctly debugged if not valid;
    • Fixed metadata enchantments for enchanted book;
    • Fixed events activation versions compatibility: no more errors if trying to use an option unavailable for the current minecraft version;
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  5. Fixes

    • Fixed multiple same items in config overriden: now correctly add items instead of overriding them;
    • Fixed potion metadata for MC<1.13;
    • Fixed durability recognition for MC<1.13;
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  6. Full Documentation! + fixes & metadata

    • Added metadata ban data -> ban items only if they have a custom metadata (durability, displayname, lore, enchantment...);
    • Entitydrop option now correctly support the player bypass permission;
    • Optimized check command;
    • Optimized blacklist & whitelist map;
    • Fixed left hand utilisation;
    Full documentation on:
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  7. Fixes

    • Fixed info command;
    • Fixed check command;
    • Fixed drops option (FurnaceExtractEvent error);
    • Fixed <1.8 rare exception;
    I'm available & i will fix any errors if reported!
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  8. -[Major Update & Improvements]-

    • New option brew: when the item is brewed into a brewing stand;
    • New option drops: remove item drop from a breaked block;
    • New option entitydrop: when the item is dropped by an entity;
    • New option glide: when trying to glide with an elytra;
    • New option hangingplace: when a player try to place a hanging item (itemframe, painting...);
    • Option 'inventory' renamed to...
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  9. Fixed custom items for MC1.13+

    • Fixed custom items persistence (not recognized anymore after reload) for Minecraft 1.13+
  10. New options + multiple fixes

    • Added new option attack: can not attack an entity with the item;
    • Added new option consume: can not consume the food item;
    • Added new command /banitem customitem get <name>: to get the custom item in your inventory;
    • Added tab completition: commands can now be completed with tabs. Also display available custom items name into custom item commands;
    • Added a allworlds...
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