BanJoin 3.14.16/1.8.8-R0.1

Ever wanted to permanently ban someone then BanJoin is for you!

  1. Polarcraft
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    What is BanJoin?
    Well BanJoin is a plugin that bans a player with their uuid and adds it to the config.yml. Whenever a player that has the uuid that is in the config.yml will be banned. So if an admin tries to unban the player they will not be able to.

    Are there any commands we have to type?
    /banjoin; banjoin
    /banjoin add <player>; banjoin
    /banjoin del <player>; banjoin
    /banjoin id <player>; banjoin
    /banjoin reload; banjoin

    If you ever need support the best way to get a hold of me is either through PMS or over irc (#Polarcraft).

    Q/ How would I remove a player from this list?
    A/ By typing "/banjoin del <player>" or by removing their name from the config.yml.

Recent Reviews

  1. ISP4
    Version: 3.14.16/1.8.8-R0.1
    Great Plugin! Would love it more if there was open src on GitHub that people can edit their own versions to add to cores on their server (Minimize plugins) :D Cheers for the good plugin! :)