Bank Notes 2.2.3

Withdraw money onto a note which can be redeemed

  1. creeperded3
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    *This plugin is being updated and maintained by Kepling. The resource is here:


    Bank notes is a very simple setup/use plugin. Your players can withdraw money onto a note. They can redeem this note by clicking the note.

    Bank notes can be withdrawn and redeemed with money. Customize bank note name.
    /withdraw <amount> - Withdraw a bank note
    /banknotereload - reloads the config

    Here you can change the name of the bank notes. It has support for color codes using the & symbol. You can now use &a&l to make it bold and colored (Also works with other special codes).


    **Must have vault installed!**
    **Note: If you are downloading this plugin and already have it and are just updating please delete the old config file then do /banknotereload for new banknote options! If you are downloading this for the first time ignore this.**

    Comment any bugs or features you
    want in the discussion, or pm me!

    If you want more plugins from me then consider donating! This is completely optional but motivates me to make higher quality plugins and lets me now that people like the plugins I'm making!
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed MAJOR Bug
  2. Fixes MAJOR Bug
  3. 1.9 and Action Bar update!

Recent Reviews

  1. zythium
    Version: 2.2.3
    great plugin small error on 1.10.2 other than that works great! smooth interface, and simple comands keep up the good work!
  2. gringhoez
    Version: 2.2.3
    Awesome Plugin I see none issues with it! I'll rate five starts due to the good looking commands and that it has no issues and the paper you get is smooth built thx! :D
  3. dears
    Version: 2.2.3
    Hey there! Nice plugin, thanks a lot!

    I have a lil' Problem :)
    If players use the withdraw-command, it generates a paper out of the nowhere. They can use this paper now for crafting.

    Is it possible, to let them only use the withdraw-command, if they hold a self-crafted paper in her hands?

  4. HeyItsPockets
    Version: 2.2.3
    Works as said, no bugs, perfect. Fantastic plugin! Thanks again! Much appreciated. :) Had a problem, developer fixed super quick.

    - Sixbits
  5. MrBrikster
    Version: 1.0
    OK, but colors of bank notes not working( And add language settings to config, I think, it is useful. (Sorry for my bad English).
    1. creeperded3
      Author's Response
      Thank you for giving me your feedback. Sorry for your troubles with the colors. I will be fixing that in a update soon (Probably monday or today). Thank you also for the good suggestion.