Banknote & XpBottle 2.3

You can withdraw money/xp to banknotes/bottles

  1. Ricky12Awesome
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    Banknotes And XpBottles
    this plugin is simple but very customizable

    Important: This current version is not complete so if anything go's wrong please message me
    Releasing update soon-ish!!!

    This plugin is
    NOT finished and something might not work or might not give the right message
    What works:
    [] = Optional, <> = Required

    • /bnxpb give <player> <banknote | xpbottle> <amount> [stack amount] [signer]
      Will give a player a banknote or xpbottle
    • /bnxpb about
      Displays info about plugin
    • /bnxpb help
      Displays help message from config
    • /bnxpb reload
      Reloads the config
    • /withdraw <amount>
      Withdraws your money
    • /balance [player]
      Gets your or a other players balance
    • /expbalance [player]
      Gets your or a other players total experience
    • Make this its Own Economy plugin
    • Vault
    • Any Economy plugin like essentials
    • This plugin was only tested in 1.12 .* and 1.8.* and it worked fine so it should work for 1.9.*,1.10.*,1.11.*
    • Fixed weird exp bar bug
    • None so far
    Disclaimer: SOME of these do nothing atm since this plugin is still in Beta stage (This isn't in the plugin.yml yet but the permission them selves do work just wont be on default... it will be fixed next update lol)
    Disclaimer: I suck at explaining things so if you can make this better message me :)

    Note: Not all of thing will work for all messages
    {player} gets the player name
    {sender} gets the senders name
    {money} gets the value for money
    {exp} gets the value for exp
    {exp-balance} gets the players total experience
    {balance} gets the players balances
    {arg} gets the argument when a player types a command and its invalid

Recent Reviews

  1. Last_Hop3
    Version: 2.3
    I've used multiple bank note plugins and this one is by far my favorite! I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a bank note plugin.
  2. Samer-bushnaq
    Version: 1.0-Alpha
    really good plugin