Banknote & XpBottle 2.3

You can withdraw money/xp to banknotes/bottles

  1. This update should fix a few things

    I change how it detects the item what the players holding (before it was by displayname so any placeholders in the display will make the banknote not work) now it check the item and checking "Check-For" in config for lore, and i fix a few placeholders... next update i'll add a /bnxpb giveall feature!
  2. BETA!!! Supports 1.8 and fix some bugs and more

    Shhhh.... i took some of the EssentialsX source code to fix it the setExp bug
    • Added Permissions for /bal and /balxp!
    • Support for 1.8!
    • Fixed Exp not showing Properly
  3. Fixed a few problems

    I forgot to add/change some stuff from the 2.0 build lol

    • Fix reload permission not working (I forgot to add the permission :p)
    • New Enable and Disable messages
    • and some more stuff
  4. Banknote-And-XpBottles Big Update

    I Re-Worked the entire plugin so you need to setup a new config file but you can copy-and-paste a lot from the old one but more changes are coming into the future
    if you have any bugs please messages me.
    • Made Xpbottles Work
    • Added more Messages
    • Changed the name to "Banknote-And-XpBottle" so the config is in a different folder now