Banlist PHP, AdvancedBans 1.1.2

Banlist, AdvancedBans, PHP, Mysql

  1. DeadSwim
    Languages Supported:
    Czech and English
    Multifunction banlist that only supports advancedbans plugin.

    There is a section with:
    - Bans
    - Warning
    - Mute
    - Drop (Kick)
    - Administration!

    Change mysql and rcon password in files!
    Mysql connection change in config.php

    The demo version is here:
    Template used:ยป-recode.61074/
    Plugin need:
    Report system:

    Download goal:
    10 Download
    50 Download
    100 Download
    500 Download
    1000 Download
    2000+ Download <Ohh.. god..>

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Recent Updates

  1. MySQL Fix
  2. Fix download
  3. Support update

Recent Reviews

  1. julien0312
    Version: 1.1.2
    0 link... . .
  2. ishandig
    Version: 1.1.1
    1. DeadSwim
      Author's Response
      Ohhh, thx you
  3. thebbduf33
    Version: 1.1.1
    Thank you for the fast reply and the fast update, I will tell you what i think of the program when I use it. Any chance u could pm me on spigot and help me set it up?
    1. DeadSwim
      Author's Response
      Yes, if you needed help, no problem :)